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Known as the Emerald City, Felde is northeast of Chel'el'Sussloloth in the Mist Sea, where Snadhya'runes holds her seat of power. More can be learned from the Felde audiobook[http://www.drowtales.com/wordpress/?p=1106]. <br><br>
Known as the Emerald City, Felde is northeast of Chel'el'Sussloloth in the Mist Sea, where Snadhya'runes holds her seat of power. <br><br>
South of Chel and under Sharen control.<br><br>
South of Chel and under Sharen control.<br><br>

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"The City of Light in the Darkness", Chel'el'Sussoloth is the capital of the Drow nation and holds the seat of their power.


This is a free city along the road to Nuqrah'shareh, mostly controlled by the drow, though more tolerant of other races. Used in the FFRPG, and is an official city as of Chapter 33's map of the known Underworld[1]


Known as the Emerald City, Felde is northeast of Chel'el'Sussloloth in the Mist Sea, where Snadhya'runes holds her seat of power.


South of Chel and under Sharen control.


The Val'Illhar'dro seat of power, where the Balvhakara, Dusk and Jie'yen clans also reside.


The Val'Nal'sarkoth seat of power, where tribal clans fight for dominance. The city is situated in and around the World Tree's roots.


A scholarly city near the center of the Mist Sea that exists to study the effects of the Mist, and its relationship with the meteor that fell into the Underworld. More can be discovered about this city in the Sha'shi audiobook[2].


Once the Tei'kaliath seat of power on the eastern rim of the Mist Sea, now destroyed as the result of a Black Sun siege.


A gloomy city in the northern regions devastated by war and lack of resources. Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress was found here by Sene'kha Vel'Vloz'ress. More can be learned in both the Char sidestory and audiobook[3][4].


A destroyed city in the far eastern region of the underworld, and is the homeland of Illharess Asira'malika Val'Jaal'darya.



"Cliff Fort Under the Clouds", this is the last drow outpost before reaching the surface; it is controlled by the Val'Sarghress Clan.


"Cauldron Guide Outpost", it is a neutral outpost on the way to the surface.

Wailing Well

An Illhar'dro outpost on the road to Nuqrah'shareh


A settlement along the southern rim of the Mist Sea


A settlement on the southeastern rim of the Mist Sea, near Mimaneid.

Other Important Locations


The school where all drow Clans send their children for education.

Ice Dragon Cavern

A famous location in the Underworld, known for the dragon frozen within.




A free colony promoted by Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro, and is sponsored in part by Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen.


An Illhar'dro colony that was devastated by Sarghress troops.

Other Cities


A prominent Vanir community that is highly suspicious of drow.


An independent Halme city bordering the wastelands and Niwaecer, and is friendly with Drow.


A Halme city where the king and queen were holding a ritual they believed maintained youth, bathing in the blood of elves.

Ancient Cities and Regions


The ancient capital of the Val'Sullisin'rune nation, overrun by demons in the Moons Age.


A mountainous region north of the Inner Sea where the common ancestor of the Balvhakara and Val'Beldrobbaen come from.


A western region on the coast where the Illhar'dro and Siyah'khorshed ancestors come from.


An island chain on the southwestern region of the continent. The Jie'yen came from this area, and Emberi now inhabit the islands.


An enormous forest that survived the Moons Age disaster, and was once home to Blossom's ancient kingdom, and is the source of a deadly fungal virus that the Val'Jaal'darya have harvested. Tei'kaliath have settled in the region.


Not much is known about the skyworld, move information here as it is gained.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 37.