Lulianne Mae'yukir Sarghress

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Lulianne Mae'yukir Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Lulianne Mae'yukir Sarghress
Race: Mixblood
Current Status
Lulianne is a guard of Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Lulianne was killed by Khaless when she snooped around Snadhya'rune's secret tower in the Orthorbbae. Khaless has since adopted her form and has been impersonating her ever since.[1]

Note: For appearances of Lulianne after Chapter 25, see Khaless.

Appearance and Personality

Lulianne is a proud and stubborn half-blood. She is empathetic yet crafty, as she can be seen playing multiple sides effortlessly.[2] She is a good listener and one of the few people that Mel'arnach trusts.

Lulianne has pale hair that is usually tied in an elaborate bun. She is most often seen wearing her silver Mae'yukir armor.

Biography - Background

Prior to the events of the main story, Lulianne served as a proud Dutan'vir soldier. During the Nidraa'chal War, as Storr of the Lem'ja house rallied the remaining Dutan'vir in a final desperate assault against the Nidraa'chal, Lulianne remained behind to guard the children of the clan. After two days with none of the soldiers returning, the children persuaded Lulianne to leave and search for the survivors.[3] Venturing forth into the wasteland created by the war, she became lost and bore witness to the massive carnage and destruction left behind. Eventually, she came upon the field of battle that had claimed her people. Amid the carnage, she encountered what remained of the once-proud Storr. His warped body bore the unmistakable signs of one overcome by a demon, his sense of self utterly consumed. Most tragically, Lulianne noted the weapons of their own people piercing his body; yet another testament to the horrors wrought by unrestricted nether summoning.

Fleeing the devastation, she came to find herself at the border of the Sarghress clan's territory, defended by a blockade under the command of Koil'dorath.[4] Aware that she faced certain death otherwise and having previous experience among the Sarghress, she claimed to be a Mae'yukir soldier caught in the thick of the fighting. There she established herself as a member of the Sarghress that could serve as a contact for fellow Dutan'vir refugees, eventually truly committing to her new clan.

Biography - Arc I

Lulianne befriends Mel'arnach in her lair.[5]
Roughly 10 years later, Lulianne has been assigned as one of Mel'arnach's jailors. She is present when the latter escapes her bonds and embraces Ariel, but moves quickly to subdue her charge before the incident can further escalate. Shen then escorts Mel'arnach to a meeting with Quain'tana.

Biography - Deprecated WIP

She was seen restraining Mel and ensuring she dis not leave her quarters. After keeping watch on her for so long, Lulianne eventually wandered into Mel's lair where she spoke earnestly with Mel about the circumstances that lead to her imprisonment. Mel'arnach confided in Lulianne, telling her everything she had been through since Ariel's birth. Lulianne quickly turned around to report this information to Il'haress Quain'tana, but left out critical details regarding Kel'noz's involvement.

Khaless and Lulianne fight in Snadhya's secret tower.[6]

During this time, she also began returning the advances of Rek'mar, who she promised to meet at the Moons End Festival.

When Mel'arnach sprung free of her lair during Zala'ess' attack on the Val'Sarghress Fortress, Lulianne followed her. The pair headed to one of Snadhya'rune's estates, where they were met by Kalki Vel'Sharen. Kalki took them to the Orthorbbae to meet with Snadhya herself. While Mel'arnach caught up with her lover, Lulianne decided to snoop around the hidden tower.

She soon found a secret elevator that lead to a chamber high above the rest of the Orthorbbae. She found Sha'sana hiding there, who informed Lulianne of Snadhya's full plans. Lulianne demanded help in fighting Snadhya and the Nidraa'chal, but Sha'sana declined, stating that she needed to watch over the body of Sharess in case she returned. She warned Lulianne to be careful, but sent her on her way.

Before Lulianne could leave the secret chamber, she was attacked by Khaless. The two fought brutally, but Khaless' demonic powers eventually trumped Lulianne's brave spirit. Lulianne destroyed the elevator in hopes of killing Khaless along with herself.

Khaless absorbed Lulianne during the resulting crash. She began using Lulianne's form as a means for infiltrating the Val'Sarghress clan and is currently still working as Mel'arnach's bodyguard.

Notable Quotes

"I am Lulianne Val'Dutan'vir... I have survived everything! I will not die here, not this way!" - During her fight with Khaless.[7]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.


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