Luth'el Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters   2                                                        

Luth'el Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Luth'el Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drider
Current Status
Drider Knight

Luth'el Val'Beldrobbaen is a Drider Knight for the Beldrobbaen clan.

Appearance & Personality

Luth'el is a Waelinider with a robust upper body and short grey hair. His degree of transformation appears to be relatively advanced, as his eyes are nearly as red as that of a Streekaider and he does not speak during his appearance in the story.


Luth'el was the mate of a female Val who birthed his daughter, after which he went through the clan's traditional transformation rituals to become a Drider Knight. He is first seen in the story when he serves as both escort and mount to Khal'harror on the latter's journey to Orthorbbae.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 2.