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* [[Drow]]
* [[Drow]]
* [[Goblins]]
* [[Dark Elves]]
* [[Dark Elves]]
* [[Light Elves]]
* [[Chel'el'Sussoloth]]
* [[Chel'el'Sussoloth]]

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Welcome To the Orthorbbae Library!

This is the Drowtales wiki, where the whole of the Worldsetting information will be compiled, cross-referenced, and indexed to the Abyss in order for all to have access to the vast wealth of data. Per the updated procedures, anyone interested in adding information for the wiki may do so on the Questions and Worldsetting Forum. Guidelines on how to properly submit a page are located here.

The Orthorbbae Library reveals plot/character details of Drowtales and its related comics.
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June 2019

Portrait Jaharka.png

Jaharka was an Overseer in the Imperial Guard, appointed by and loyal to Snadhya'rune. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 6/7/2019

May 2019

Portrait Ariel's Direwolf.png

Ariel's Direwolf is an as-yet unnamed Direwolf gifted to Ariel after she was assigned to a Sarghress squad under the command of Sar'nel. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 5/30/2019

Once numbered among the Great Clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth, the Val'Chai'tioc were utterly destroyed in a disastrous war with the Val'Sharen, leaving nothing behind but crumbling ruins. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 5/26/2019
Portrait Nikutalva Sarghress.png

Nikutalva is a soldier serving in the main branch of the Sarghress clan that formed following the death of Quain'tana. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 5/25/2019
Portrait Scen'tloth.png

Scen'tloth is a wandering demon residing within a nether-infested district of Chel. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 5/6/2019

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