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Welcome To the Orthorbbae Library!

This is the Drowtales wiki, where the whole of the Worldsetting information will be compiled, cross-referenced, and indexed to the Abyss in order for all to have access to the vast wealth of data. Per the updated procedures, anyone interested in adding information for the wiki may do so on the Questions and Worldsetting Forum. Guidelines on how to properly submit a page are located here.

The Orthorbbae Library reveals plot/character details of Drowtales and its related comics.
If you haven't read the comic and worry about spoilers - go read the comic.

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November 2017

A relatively young colony inhabited by the Kyorl'solenurn, in the southwest region of the Rim. (read more)

- submitted by Dalvyserran 11/29/2017
Portrait Sael Dutan'vir.png

Sael was a niece of Lulianne, killed and absorbed by Khaless some time after the Nidraa'chal War. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 11/18/2017
Portrait Wa'luin Val'Beldrobbaen.png

Wa'luin was a Nidraa'chal agent and one of Snadhya'rune's favoured protégés. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 11/16/2017
Portrait The Juice Merchant.png

The Juice Merchant is a petty thief and juice dealer who peddles his illicit goods to any that will buy. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 11/2/2017

October 2017

Portrait Kicker.png

Kicker is a war-dragon of the Imperial Guard, currently assigned to Nori'ga. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 10/31/2017
Portrait Waer Sarghress.png

Waer is a veteran Sarghress beastmaster in charge of the Homeguard wolf pens. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 10/23/2017

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