Mal'ligr Dutan'vir

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Appeared in chapters                                           42               

Mal'ligr Dutan'vir
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Mal'ligr Dutan'vir
Race: Mixblood
Sponsored by: Midnightbast
Current Status
  • Uses Blood and Earth Foci
  • Hates zealots

A templar and former Dutan'vir with a personality disorder.

Appearance and Personality

Mal wears a blue shirt and has a Dutan'vir earring. He has orange hair and wears gautlets that carry focis with which he can manipulate blood and earth.


He is first seen with Merril'lin and Sati'vah trying to save Petri'cho when she was captured by the Order of the Twin Eyes. However, after learning that Shimi'lande was murdered, he leaves in disgust. He is later seen with Eclavdiira'olin dragging Cas'nihlus to be tortured by Rafal'za. After that, he was tossed into a cell with Lythn, Woas'ned and Thral'lin to be executed on Kyuusei's orders, but Belph'aegor frees them.

Notable Quotes

"I've had my fill of people who'd obey anything. I say it's time for me to join the Dutan'virs." - After being held captive by Purity agents.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.