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  | region = Underworld
  | region = Underworld
  | factions =  
  | factions =  
* [[Kavahini]]
* [[Val'Nal'Sarkoth]]
* [[Val'Nal'Sarkoth]]
* [[Siyah'khorshed]]
* [[Siyah'khorshed]]

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Appeared in chapters                                            43               

Mimaneid is a large, tribal city on the eastern rim of the Mist Sea situated in between the roots of the World Tree, and was once the Val'Nal'sarkoth home city. People from the region are characterized as having coal black skin, darker than Chelian drow skin color.

Note: some information on this page is taken from this news post about Mimaneid.


It is a vertical nation, going from the tip of the tree’s roots all the way up to its upper branch where colonies are long established. Birds and other flying creatures are common here, and are used as a means to communicate between the roots and branches. The city has had troubles with the Black Sun tribes for a long time, but the roaming tribes have a certain connection to Mimaneid. The Black Suns perhaps have even controlled the city at one point by ousting the ruling parties and claiming it for their own. The Nal'sarkoth are said to have ruled this city at one point before being forced out by a rival.

The World Tree almost died with the rest of the old world, during the Great Wars--demons had ravaged much of the tree but somehow a few roots survived in the sea of mist, allowing the tree to sustain a glimpse of life at it's base. Once the demons left, the tree began to grow new branches near its base where the Mimians built their first colony. This initiative allowed Mimians to begin colonizing the surface much earlier than Chel'el'sussoloth and Nuqrah'shareh.


Mimaneid--while being a very martial nation full of strife where no single clan ever rule for long, where duels take place very often in the street--is also a traditional minded nation. While Nuqrah'shareh is progressive, Mimaneid is conservative and Chel'el'Sussoloth is somewhere in the middle. Here, rivals clans rise and fall, get absorbed or enslaved. When a major clan falls the slaves are then absorbed into the new clan, and former prisoners are either freed or sworn into the victor's fold. Prizes are fought over, tributes are given to leaders, and so on. Even queens and kings come and go time after time.

Birds such as owls, ravens and eagles are prominent symbols for clans. Duelist adorn fancy costumes or cover themselves with tattoos in order to make a good show against their opponent. Also, the staff is a popular weapon of choice for Mimians, but it's one that Chelians tend to look down upon.

Mimaneid pays special attention to a transformed dragon lives at the top of the World Tree amongst ruins of Mimian civilization, a well-respected Moons Age figure doling out wisdom to the people.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 43.