Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress

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Mir'kiin has white hair, with a tattoo underneath his left eye and is missing a portion of his left ear. His first appearance was his arrival at Orthorbbae with his adoptive sister Kiel'ndia, who gave him a noogie when he started whining about how girly Sorane'saniil and Ariel looked.

An impatient person, Mir'kiin was unused to authority and during his first class in mana manipulation he interrupted the teacher, Master Soleam'ji. Soleam'ji decided to use Mir'kiin as an example for the class, taking the air out of Mir'kiin's lungs and turning his hair pink. After that, Mir'kiin's mana affinity was determined to be fire. In his next class Mir'kiin continued to show disrespect to his teacher, Rae'uul Ganith, and was physically and verbally disciplined several times for it.

During his first combat training, Mir'kiin was paired up with Ariel and tried to disable her by grabbing her nuts. Ariel was unaffected by his attack and choked Mir'kiin out. Mir'kiin realized that Ariel was pretending to be a boy and as soon as class was out he revealed this secret in front of Yafein, Nau'kheol, and Khal'harror.

Realizing that a fight was about to happen, Yafein grew scared and abandoned Ariel to face the other three by her self. Ariel knew she couldn't defeat them by herself and instead fought with the hope that she could get past them and find safety with Sandaur in the training room. She was able to hold her own for a little while before Khal'harror gave Mir'kiin a knife and he stabbed her. Pleased by causing Ariel such a deep wound, and unused to such a fierce battle, Mir'kiin didn't finish Ariel off before she was able to reach her floater and make it to one of the elevation tubes. Mir'kiin was able to follow and catch up to Ariel on his own floater and removed her keystone. Ecstatic in causing Ariel to fall down the shaft to the bottom, thinking he had killed her, Mir'kiin went back to teach Khal'harror that he was no ones lackey.

Ariel managed to survive the fall, and it is unknown if any future attempts were made to kill Ariel but Mir'kiin did continue to bully her. During the fourth year combat test before graduation, Mir'kiin wanted to knock Ariel out himself, despite the two of them being on the same team. When that idea was shot down by his other team mates, Mir'kiin purposely led the strongest members of the team from the main group. This forced the rest of the group to abandon her in order to strengthen their chances of success. Mir'kiin tried to ambush Ariel later but he was stopped by Sar'nel Sarghress.

A few days later, when Mir'kiin was leaving Orthorbbae after having been expelled, Ariel had Rik attack and kill Mir'kiin's escort. Ariel also ordered Rik to kill Mir'kiin but Rik refused and said it was Ariel's responsibility. Mir'kiin was overpowered and disarmed by Ariel and brought before Quain'tana as proof of her strength. Quain'tana was pleased but she had one final test for Ariel and ordered her to execute Mir'kiin. After some initial hesitation, Ariel was given a mace and with one final yell that his death would be avenged, Mir'kiin was beat to death.

First appearance: Chapter 2 pg. 30

Appears in chapter(s): 2-3, 5