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Mr. Bucket

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Appeared in chapters                                                   50         

Mr. Bucket
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Mr. Bucket
Race: Bucket
Current Status
Cooking Pot
  • Fireproof

Mr. Bucket is a plain metal bucket in the possession of Kiel'ndia.

Appearance & Personality

Mr. Bucket is a mid-sized metal pail with a thin metal handle. He has the words 'Mr. Bucket' painted on his side, presumably the work of Kiel'ndia. He has no discernible personality or will, largely due to the fact that he is an inanimate object.

Nau'kheol uses Mr. Bucket to cook a stew for Kiel'ndia.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Mr. Bucket first appeared in the immediate aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident and the destruction of the Vloz'ress as a great clan. As Kiel and Nau'kheol discussed methods of safely entering Orthorbbae in search of the Ninth Tower, Nau used Mr. Bucket as a cooking pot for a stew.[2] The arrival of Naal's demon interrupted the planning, with Kiel swiftly noting the creature would not last long without a body. Intent on saving the last remaining remnant of her late friend, Kiel decided to risk an immediate and somewhat reckless raid into Orthorbbae to locate a suitable vessel for Naal to possess. However, by reminding Kiel of the stew cooking within Mr. Bucket, Nau was able to secure a small delay as Kiel's hunger briefly won out over her impatience. Kiel then sat down in front of Mr. Bucket and waited for Nau to finish cooking their meal.

Notable Quotes

"But... the stew!"[3] - Nau, convincing Kiel to wait for the stew in Mr. Bucket to finish cooking before mounting her raid of Orthorbbae.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 55.


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