Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen

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Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen

Current Status
Merged with a Glutton Demon
  • Shadow Sorcery
  • Actually has dark grey hair, indicating that she's 3rd Generation Beldrobbaen.

Naal'suul is the daughter of the Val'Beldrobbaen Ilharess, Waes'soloth. She was heavily tainted in the incident that claimed the lives of the rest of the Beldrobbaen female students living in Orthorbbae at the time.

Appearance & Personality

Being heavily tainted she does not feel emotions or physical pain and her attitude is one of detached logic. Naal tends to focus on the mortality of both herself and others. Her demon seed is a Ver'aku Glutton, and Naal has kept it under control for longer than expected, both due to her extraordinarily strong will, and apparently also due to her interacting with others, which she feels gives her life a reason to continue. Outwardly, Naal'suul may seem dull and boring, but inside the girl is constantly thinking of the future--she is obsessed with what will happen when she succumbs to the unstable demon seed, and when.

Naal'suul gives the appearance of a dreary young girl with pitch black hair and heavy belted clothing, a standard uniform for members of her clan. She wears heavy silver jewelry draped across her head and pierced into her nose and ear, and also carries a guardian spider on her back as a means of protection for Beldrobbaen children.

After her demon seed was released upon her death, Naal'suul took on the appearance of the demon: the lower half of her body merged with the mass of dead bodies the glutton demon consumed and over time that mass transformed into a large ver'aku with a gaping mouth and red gleaming eyes. However, strangely the top portion of her body stayed in its original shape for unknown reasons, although Kiel'ndia theorized that because Naal'suul retained some sort of consciousness--enough to save Kiel from being eaten--the top half represents Naal'suul's will to remain in control of the demon for as long as possible. Naal'suul's top half matured during the 15 years of isolation and now sports demonic eyes: completely red eyeballs with white circles in the center of the eye.


Arc I

Meeting Ariel

Naal'suul, Kyo'nne and Shinae ready to assist Chrys'tel.

Naal is among the group of girls that discover what appears to be Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune but is actually Ariel Val'Sarghress under a shapeshifted disguise, in an attempt to lure Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen away from the group. She cuts through the bickering between Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro, Shinae Vel'Sharen, Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress and calls the girls to action in order to save Chrys. But before anything could happen, Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn arrives to attempt to detain all of the tainted girls present. Naal'suul quickly escapes using her illusory Shadow Sorcery.

When the girls put enough distance between themselves and the young Warden, Kiel confronts Shinae about throwing Kyo'nne to the Templars to save herself. Shinae attacks Kiel with her sorcery, but Naal'suul puts herself in between the two and blocks the attack. After Shinae leaves, Kiel announces that she needed to head back to her clan fortress and suggests that Naal not follow her--to this, Naal'suul only replies that she does not want to be alone, but she understood the situation at hand. At a defaced statue of Sharess, Naal'suul starts to talk to herself about how every major connection people hold with one another is starting to fall apart through the killing of one another, and that the drow race is lost.

At the Beldrobbaen fortress Naal'suul is laying in her bed but is restless and unable to sleep, her thoughts turning to her only friends who seemed to have deserted her: Chry'stel and Kyo'nne both being kidnapped, Kiel and Shinae going their own way to their respective clan homes. She muses to herself about the demon inside her that is equally restless, and of her tainted friends and how long would they live until they could no longer control their seeds. Naal'suul wonders what it would be like if she fell from her balcony-would she feel pain at all? Would it even matter? Not even the Vloz'ress demon messenger from Kiel could answer her questions, but the letter speaking of demons and saving Kyo'nne piques her interest, and the girl gets ready to head out.

She is stopped by Khal'harror who eagerly wants his sister to see something cool (Bob 2.0), but Naal'suul has other things to worry about and says that whatever she does not won't matter in the end when she is gone. In an attempt to cheer her up, Khal declares that when she dies, he will reanimate Naal again. The two are interrupted by their mother Waes'soloth who warns Khal that he's better get to class before the gates close. The Illhar'ess inquires about Naal'suul's health and asks if she wanted to be free of the demon, but Naal'suul is determined to stay by Kiel's side for as long as possible.

Rescuing Kyo'nne


During a dwarven attack on the Sarghress caravan escorting Ariel, Kiel and Naal use the opportunity to confront the younger girl and rescue Kyo'nne from Chirinide. Kiel declares that it's payback time and wants to kill or taint everyone, although Naal'suul thought it was just a mission to save their friend. While Kiel engages Chiri, Ariel attacks Naal'suul with mana bolts, but she is thrown into confusion at the illusory images Naal conjures with her shadow sorcery. The Beldrobbaen uses this opportunity to share Ariel in shadow and interrogate her on Chrys'tel's whereabouts, adding that if the roles were switched, what would happen to Ariel if Naal turned her in to the Beldrobbaen Illhar'ess to be tortured for her crimes.

When Kyo'nne screams for everyone to stop, it is Naal's voice of reason that tells Ariel to listen for the sake of the wounded Vaelia. She also moves to stop Shan'naal's sword from striking Kiel--with her bare hand--and grabs the drowussu boy's wounded arm; she warns that the pain he feels means that he is still alive, and that her friend Kiel feels pain just as he does. With the conflict resolved, the two take it upon themselves to tag along with the caravan.

The Edge of the Underworld

At Machike'Shikumo Naal'suul listens to Kiel and Chirinide's amusing bickering about drowussu and purity for the goddess--she thinks what Chiri spouts is the result of indoctrination. She and Kiel see Kyo'nne off and Naal takes the time to tease Kiel for her lack of proper manners when Ariel allowed the Vloz'ress to see Sene'kha in her jail cell. Naal observes from a distance of a standoff between resident Sarghress soldiers and Kyorl troops under the Order of the Holy Eye. Kiel then asks if Naal had the choice to control her demon seed or ensure her family's survival, what would she have chosen, and Naal's immediate answer is to save her family because she fears that she has one foot already through the door to oblivion. The Vloz'ress argues that her friend still has a chance to be saved, but Naal'suul disagrees and explains her situation: to the Beldrobbaen, being in this condition is like being sealed in a cell with only one way out, and that way leads to the demon that tainted her. The cell is dark and cramped and she is constantly aware of the demon trying to force itself into her cell. Naal'suul fears that there will be a time when she slacks on her guard and accidentally lets to demon through. Later, the two go to witness Sene'kha's death at the hands of the Kyorls.

The children are not quite finished with their journey, and head for the edge of the Nidavellir to glimpse one of the Overworld's moons at night. The pair have a moment to joke about their conditions with family and the world, and how different their personalities are. Kiel speaks of Sene'kha's true plan, which was to go on a search for a demon god's last shard and unleash Kharla onto the world, causing chaos and ruin in the population. Kiel is determined for this not to happen and she wants to become a hero and save the world with Naal'suul, saying that it's better that the two tainted children do something versus ending up in some Kyorl's sealing gem. Naal thinks Kiel is completely weird, but she goes along with the Vloz'ress' plan and will stay at Kiel's side until the end.

The Vloz'ress Fortress

The two are now back in Chel'el'sussoloth after having caught a trader back home, and Kiel is determined to end what Sene'kha set in motion, but Naal'suul asks where to take the first step. The Vloz'ress then launches into a monologue about how she plans to kick the asses of the nether summoners in her clan and how cool it'll be to become a heroine and have all the princes she wants.. but Naal'suul has wandered off to a food stand, much to Kiel's dismay. She offers her friend a bite of her potato bug kebab

The Moon's End Festival

Orthorbbae: the End

Arc II

Visitation from Khaless

Notable Quotes

"I know how the undead feel." -writing on her bedroom wall.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.