Nemea'tari Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen

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Appeared in chapters                                          41               56  

Nemea'tari Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Nemea'tari Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Hfar
Current Status
Imperial Guard - Overseer
  • Loves orphaned children.

Nemea'tari is a Beldrobbaen serving as an Overseer in the Imperial Guard.

Appearance and Personality

Nemea'tari is a female drowolath with an average build and brown eyes. She has long black hair tied into a loose ponytail. As with most overseers, she wears a sash bearing the Imperial crest and a veil; in her case styled in the dark colours of the Val'Beldrobbaen clan. Underneath her otherwise-light armor is a coat of chain mail. Her favored weapon is a polearm.

She is a calm and collected individual, taking her duties quite seriously. However, she has a soft spot for orphans that reveals a more maternal side to her personality.

Nemea'tari is caught off-guard by Sindas and Njack.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Assassination of the Fake Empress

Nemea'tari first appeared guarding a corridor leading to the fake Val'Sharess, the first obstacle Kiel'ndia had to overcome in her plot to openly assassinate the decoy within the Val'Beldrobbaen Fortress. Alerted to sudden motion in the corner of her eye, she put up a mana shield to protect herself, only to discover a small plush doll.[2] Seeing another doll thrown into the corridor, she went to inspect the dolls, find them cute and unaware that Kiel'nida had concealed the summons Njack and Sindas within. As they emerged from the dolls and caught Nemea'tari off-guard, Kiel'ndia used the opportunity to dash past her deeper into the fortress. Her fellow guards were likewise taken by surprise through Kiel's flagrant abuse of her group's diplomatic status and sudden assault, allowing the Vloz'ress to successfully assassinate their target.[3]
Kiel attempts to leap at Nimea.[4]

As Kiel'ndia and the surviving members of her group fled the combined forces of the Beldrobbaen and Imperial Guard, Nemea intercepted them, intent on executing them for their crime. Aware that the group was not likely to escape together, Kiel elected to delay and distract their pursuers while Fame and Vicyl escaped into the crowd. Electing to pursue the Vloz'ress leader over her minions, Nemea'tari gave chase, expressing agitation as she discovered a nether gate summoners far earlier by Fame had still not yet been dealt with. Not willing to allow her quarry to attempt escaping into the crowed, Nemea loudly declared an open bounty to the first person to take the head of the Vloz'ress girl, swiftly turning the vast majority of the commoners on the streets against Kiel in an attempt to claim the reward.[5]

Unable to elude her airborne enemy, Kiel'ndia used a nearby home to find a vantage point from which she could attack her pursuer. Though unsuccessful in leaping onto Nemea's floater, Kiel was able to disrupt its flight enough to cause a crash, injuring both parties.[6] While Kiel was unable to escape the rest of the Guard, she was aided by Chrys'tel and Nau'kheol, who took advantage of the former's status as an Imperial Overseer to deceive her peers into believing they had slain the rogue Vloz'ress. While enough to fool the Captain of the Guard, a slightly-injured Nemea arrived after her fellows had departed to pursue the other Vloz'ress. Due to that, she was able to overhear some of the end of the trio's discussion, arousing her suspicion.[7]

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

"Vloz'ress! You are sentenced to death. Bring out your demons and fight your futile battle."[8] - Confronting Kiel and her followers in a cold fury following the latter's assassination of the fake Diva'ratrika.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 54.


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