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Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Njack
Race: Vel'akar
Sponsored by: Njack
Current Status
Demon Prince

  • Likes to squeeze Kiel

Njack is a "friend demon" summon of Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress.

Appearance and Personality

Njack's whole appearance is mostly a dark color with white horns, similar in design to Bast and Sindas. He also has a naga tail.

Biography - Arc II

He is first seen emerging from a doll to take on Nemea'tari Delbara Val'Beldrobbaen, as part of a trick to distract the fake Empress' Imperial Guards. Later on, he arrives to help Kiel where he takes on Eri'nyasa.

Much later, he was present in the audience enjoying Fame'nidea's Goat's Head band. Later he was seen at the gathering where the stone containing the turtle summon was present and was seen on the turtle summon heading to Felde.

Travelling to Felde

On the way to Felde, he eavesdrops on Chrys'tel's and Shinae's conversation with Sindas, Bast and Kiel before getting interrupted by Fame's announcement that they have company. When the Jaals greeted, he was confused by what gender Erel was supposed to be. The group on the summon decided to follow the Jaals after it turns out they were going in the wrong direction because Kharla fell asleep.

Felde peace conference

When they arrived in Felde, they gained the attention of Larvova Vloz'ress, Finol and Labran'che. Njack helps himself to some of the food Jethel was serving. After Kiel made a vulgar joke regarding Zala'ess, he and Sindas joins in on the punchline. Njack later follows Kiel to go after Kharla where he liked the sight of Kharla and Khaless in their outfits. After Ran'diirk's failed attempt to kill Snad, he tags along with Kiel and Sindas upstairs. During Snadyarune's speech, he witnesses Snad choose Chrys'tel as part of her demonstration. When Shodun gave the command, he kneeled as best he could given his body shape.

Assault on Orthorbbae

After the Puppeteer Incident, Kiel enters Orthorbbae with Nau and several Vloz'ress associates in an attempt to locate the rumoured 9th Tower. In the chaos of Sil'lice's assault, Kiel and Nau are able to find the hidden lift into the tower. After dispatching several golems, Kiel summons Sindas, Njack, and Inten to assist her in scouting. Eventually, the three demons encounter the tower's sole living resident: Sha'sana herself.

Irritated by the presence of "wild" demons, Sha'sana captures Kiel's summons and traps them into a rough ball in her hand, causing an argument to erupt between the ancient summoner and the energetic Kiel. An argument that quickly turns into an altercation as Sha'sana insists the duo leave. Moving to throw them from the tower's elevator, Sha'sana stays her hand when the manifestation of Naal's demon catches her interest. Intrigued, she demands the three to stay so that she might study the strange occurance, even promising to make certain allowances for Kiel's demonic summons.

However, this peace is ultimately short-lived. Having tracked Kiel to the elevator, Sil'lice arrives with a force of Sarghress soldiers. Accompanying the force is Diva, the reborn form of Diva'ratrika. Recognizing her old friend despite her new body, Sha'sana is caught entirely off-guard as Sil'lice strides forward and brutally impales the ancient summoner. Horrified, Nau attempts to intervene, distracting Sil'lice momentarily. This allows Sha'sana to counter by shoving the captured mass of Kiel's demons, including Njack, directly into the vengeful Sharen's face. This both knocks Sil'lice out and taints her. With Sil'lice disabled, more moderate minds prevail the hostilities cease.

Njack can later be seen curiously inspecting the body of Sharess, alongside Sindas and Inten.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 50.