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Nuru'lara Mae'yukir Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                             44               

Nuru'lara Mae'yukir Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Nuru'lara Mae'yukir Sarghress
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Current Status
Sarghress Representative
  • Sealing
  • Earth affinity

Nuru'lara is a Sarghress representative to the colony of Ys.

Appearance and Personality

She has long blonde hair which is dyed red at the ends and worn in a ponytail. She has a tattoo of a unicorn wolf on her arm. She wears standard armor and white clothes with a red skirt under the armor. She has an upbeat personality.


A former Kyorl’solenurn warden, Nuru’lara got tainted in the line of duty. When this was discovered, she fled from her former comrades and found refuge with the Sarghress.

Staying at Ys

Nuru’lara was assigned to represent the Sarghress in the colony of Ys. She greeted the Sarghress squad who arrived and introduced them to Ys. She told them that they can all take days of since the colony doesn’t like asking for help from the clans, including the Sarghress. Nuru’lara then takes them to a tavern. When Ariel doesn't feel like taking part, Nuru'lara points the way to the Sarghress house. She tells Riz'riia that Kai'to is at the tavern when asked. At the tavern, after Zan’nah rejects Ash’arion’s attempt to flirt with her, Zan’nah asked Nuru’lara if she was doing anything later.

Defending Ys

After several fires got started within the colony, including one that burned down a house, the colony council decided to turn to the Sarghress for help and Nuru'lara passes the message on to all Sarghress personnel stationed there. When asked, she tells Ariel that Shan and Chiri are already helping. She goes after the pyro spotted by Ariel on Tur’geis’ orders. They later arrive to save Ariel, Faen and Chiri with Nuru’lara being impressed Faen apparently did all that she did. She then identifies the red-haired Hermione as the leader and concludes that the colony must have captured a high-born for the Hermiones to launch a rescue mission to free their people rather than leaving them to be slaves like others were. When the wind picked up, she notes this and sees an airship above the colony and points this out to the others. She identifies the direction it’s going as south-east.

Morning after the fires

Downstairs in the Sarghress house, Tur'geis expresses his desire to not go after the airship, citing his reasons for why it’s a bad idea. Ash'arion and Nuru'lara guessed correctly that Ariel tried hard to convince Tur'geis to go after the airship, to which Tur'geis states that the only thing Ariel got from Quain’tana is her stubborness. After Chiri’s disastrous attempt at cooking, Nuru tells Chiri that she’s pretty sure the bird was supposed to be gutted before it was cooked. After Kau offers to help Chiri salvage the meal, Nuru tells Kau he’d make a good mate someday since women likes a male that can cook. After Ariel and Faen arrived with Ariel thinking there’s a good meal and Faen thinking there’s a bad meal, Nuru'lara declares Sarghress-born have no taste. When Syrak and Olarae arrived at the Sarghress house, Nuru was whistling as she helped salvaged Chiri’s meal.

Eviction of Sarghress out of Ys

After hearing the news, Nuru'lara and Tur'geis confront the council. Ys council member Kane'ohe tells the Sarghress to stand down or leave Ys which angers Tur'geis but Nuru calms him down and asks Kane what does she mean by “Stand down”. Kane clarifies that the Sarghress members stationed there are to renounce their clan to join the commoner population of Ys. Nuru'lara protests that just the previous day, Kane gave the go ahead to assist with the Hermionne issue to which Kane says that that was then and this is now. Tur’geis says the Hermionnes will return to burn everything and Nuru states that Ys needs them but Kane'ohe declares that the Sarghress presence is a greater threat to the welfare of Ys then the goblin hordes. This once again angers Tur'geis but Nuru once again calms him down. Nuru states that the Sarghress have respected the neutrality of Ys thus far and asks if it is truly wise to banish them to which Kane states Ys has shown the same courtesy in turn. Kane asks if they knew the new beginning of drowkind. When Nuru replies no, she tells them to “fuck off” and return to the cavern they conquered. Nuru'lara and Tur'geis then leave to the Sarghress house and tell the others what happened.

Decisions made

During a meeting, Nuru'lara agrees with Sar'nel’s suspicions that the timing of their eviction and the airship is no coincidence and states that during the entire time she was the Sarghress representative to Ys, there was no hint whatsoever of banishment and that the council’s decision was too abrupt.

Leaving Ys

She left Ys for Felde alongside others who had also made the decision to go to Felde in pursuit of the airship.

Notable Quotes

"Ho raiders! Welcome to Ys! The proud independent colony. Beautiful, vast, clean, full of tasty food. And 100% goblin free! Now that we’ve kicked their asses so hard." Introducing Ys.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 45.