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===[http://drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12630 Differently Shuttered Chibi]===
===[http://drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12630 Differently Shuttered Chibi]===
'''Kern''': ''Special alternative to [http://drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12625 page 26.] A quick one so we could take the weekend off for Kite's birthday.''
'''Kern''': ''Special alternative to [http://drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12625 page 26.] A quick one so we could take the weekend off for Kite's birthday.''
===[http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12640 Birthday Chibi]===
'''Kern''': ''Special page from Kite. An alternate version of [http://drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=12639 page 32] where everything is just happy. She did the page so I could have a day off. Go and put that in the wiki, I dare you.''<br>''Editor Note:'' This page was drawn during Kern's birthday, allowing him the day off. And we are obliged to take the author's requests ''seriously'', of course.

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This article contains all the Moonless Age page announcements made by the comic's author for Chapter 56 - Empire Weaver. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Moonless Age channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Chapter Announcement

Chapter Cover

Kern: Lets begin a long chapter with an old antagonist returning to weave her many plots.

Page Announcements

Pages 1-10

Page 1

Kern: It's a page! It has Kiel, it has Naal, it has Nau and Kiel is totally not listening as always. Lets get that new chapter going!

Page 2

Kern: New page at last! Nau is regretting entering a new hellhole and hey its a flower, thats been a while since its been part of the plotline.

Page 3

Kern: In this new page Nau finally snap back at Kiel. Those chibis pages weren't all comedy, he has protested about Kiel risky path and she's been dragging him along. Well father up Nau!

Page 4

Kern: Kiel is being a terrible influence on the princeling in page 4 plus a whole lot of troubles brewing ahead where there's apparently people still alive.

Page 5

Kern: Finally a new page! Fire and purge from our good old grey skins bringing their trademark justice unto the streets. And hey, its a tangerine in there.

Page 6

Kern: Here is fire, there is purge and there is a demon watching. Actually scratch that as Kiel forgot her and her buddies count for the demons in page 6 and the purgers would notice.

Page 7

Kern: As Nau put it, first sickness then demons, demons literally eating garbage off the street. That's how common they are getting around there.

Page 8

Kern: Kiel try to teach demon and demon to be how to parents their abandoned child in page 8.

Page 9

Kern: Page 9 is up with introspection about demonic taint and what it means for Nau's future. Kiel has a very distinct perspective on what tainting means, a less grim view on it for sure.

Page 10

Kern: The purges found some pretty big demons that is causing a halt to their advance. And Sygdom's character has no tangerine still.

Pages 11-20

Page 11

Kern: Demons, fire, templars fighting hand in hand and the group saying nope to it all.

Page 12

Kern: The battle is over and the group decide to leave. Though it doesn't take long for a certain someone to catch up with them. She was watching, waiting.

Page 13

Kern: Kiel failed her persuasion check and is immediately attacked. One of her demon saved her butt and they run toward a checkpoint. Now to add the tidbit I'd normally put on the forum exclusively! My view is that the more one force become greater, the more forces that would oppose them grow in strength. Demons going rampant = Kyorls are back out in the street, more experienced than ever at finding stray demons. Snad came out of hiding = the more people oppose her openly. It's an escalation until one force or the other collapse. Right now though, the city itself is the thing that collapse in between the forces. District war was bad enough, this kind of thing just push the city over the edge to the point of what you saw so far in the current chapter.

Page 14

Kern: The gang had to find an alternative route to escape after being hunted down by two different factions. And this one is one Kiel used before, many times. On an artistic note, I wish I could make use of dialogues as visual effects more often. It can easily be missed.

Page 15

Kern: Finally moving to the main point of view of the chapter: Chrys. Who is on her way to a familiar place. And yes anyone who follows Kiel end up walking in the shit sooner or later. At least the kyorls won't stoop so low to follow down there. Maybe tangerine boi?

Page 16

Kern: Page 16 is up. With much hanging. At first I thought to show the looting but it's already been stated in dialogues and will be stated again. This however is new and I think a bigger impact to show the sarghress hanging the vals in public. One of beldrobbaen descent at that.

Page 17

Kern: The sarghress(Nak) refuses to cut down the body from the wall, stating clearly the message these hanged corpses meant to send. With soldiers like these in the streets, no clan is safe and yet they're needed. Thus sarai's regrets. It used to that the sharen could come knocking with might. Now, they can just pick up the body and leave.

Page 18

Kern: Page 18 is up with Chrys' proper re-introduction. Altesh just returned from Felde's event and told Chrys of what he saw but apparently was told to keep it to himself by her. He has not witnessed the aftermath of Felde but these sarghress did, as they had to take prisoners and extract themselves from the damaged city. The prisoners are those lines up at the back which I'm sorry but can't afford to draw all the details on them in the current page.

Page 19

Kern: State of Felde recapped, Sarghress not giving a shit, the new overseer giving very much a shit and Chrys get worried. Not much going on in this page but necessary to link the events together. Kor should've said "Perfect, Felde is just going smoothly, everyone so happy!"

Page 20

Kern: Chrys chase her fellow overseer and attempt to stop her before one epic leap from dragon to dragon. First shot of Zala's people against Snad's people.

Pages 21-30

Page 21

Kern: Page 21 is up with underwater combat. And Altesh is stepping to the rescue.

Page 22

Kern: Altesh is an accomplice to murder and realize Chrys has killed more in the past. She's been fighting to keep Snadhya's chosen out.

Page 23

Kern: As they are about to leave something came to watch on them. A little demon friend.

Page 24

Kern: Chrys is getting visitors she recognize and leave a message with them.

Page 25

Kern: The "Victory" monument from the prologue is defaced and has a hangman noose around its neck. The alliance warriors do not care and Chrys muses about the glory days. Meanwhile someone is sneaking through the garden.

Page 26

Kern: Chrys rejoin with Kiel, Nau and Naal. That's supposed to be a shutter system to keep the dome's window closed when need be, it would be dangerous to leave those opening. So easy to access otherwise.

Page 27

Kern: Brother and sister meeting back up after a long time. A deadly hug was given, from Nau of all people.

Page 28

Kern: Chrys' tainting isn't getting better over the years.

Page 29

Kern: Chrys rejects Naal's attention to an odd limit. Meanwhile she get rejected herself by a former partner as he and his clan leave Chel permanently. It's meant to be a repeat there. Chrys next Naal?

Page 30

Kern: Chrys feels the hug from Naal and acknowledge what she sees. Though she think Kiel gave the demon the shape of Naal. Chrys officially has received the most hugs of the entire story in the last 5 years.

Pages 31-40

Page 31

Kern: Chrys musters the strength to go see her mother, who is still busy wrapping up the leftover of gathering. Also, a lot of cameos for one page.

Page 32

Kern: Chrys listens to the end of the discussion as one of Snadhya's representatives comes to question her. Chrys' lies about her murder are bound to become obvious and maybe there's a hint of doubt behind the questions already. I tried to show an act that's normally portrayed badly, in fighting/murder, in a light of Chrys' viewpoint. Likely it was something done a lot before and Chrys just grew up in her career to do just the same.

Special Pages

18th Anniversary Page

Kern: 18 years of comics. It all started in April 2001. To commemorate the event, some of the main cast grown up with their child version from back in the days.

Differently Shuttered Chibi

Kern: Special alternative to page 26. A quick one so we could take the weekend off for Kite's birthday.

Birthday Chibi

Kern: Special page from Kite. An alternate version of page 32 where everything is just happy. She did the page so I could have a day off. Go and put that in the wiki, I dare you.
Editor Note: This page was drawn during Kern's birthday, allowing him the day off. And we are obliged to take the author's requests seriously, of course.