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Page Descriptions - Chapter 57

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This article contains all the Moonless Age page announcements made by the comic's author for Chapter 57 - End of an Age. These often elaborate on or clarify details not explicitly stated in the comic itself, but regardless provide a sort of commentary for each page. These announcements are made in the Moonless Age channel of the Official Discord and can also be read on the comic's Official Facebook Page.

Chapter Announcement

Chapter Cover

Kern: The epic end-chapter cover of Moonless Age is up! I've had many possible names for the final chapter but, considering the name of the comic, this is the most fitting.

Page Announcements

Pages 1-10

Page 1

Kern: A living goddess stumbling out of stasis. Too weak to stand on her own. Yet representing a great opportunity for them. Not straight into the action, as I felt Sharess' condition had to be addressed before - you know - chaos. Also, next update is the 19th Anniversary special, which would technically be tomorrow but for the sake of staggering updates it will be 2 days from now.

Page 2

Kern: Lost in her own mind, she fights to emerge as Sil'lice doubts this is truly a goddess reborn. Regarding the last panel's text: I've been wanting to move away from the plain comic font for a long time. However, this is how the comic began and I have to stick with it. These two dialogue boxes were put in for the fun of of seeing what Kite would do with it as an optional layer. So no, the dialogue won't change for this last chapter. Sure will be changing for the next project though!

Page 3

Kern: She awakens through the haze of memories as unexpected news arrives. Everything happens in one day.

Page 4

Kern: Meanwhile, Faen discovers something Ariel has been hiding since the last fight. Faen should just smack Ariel unconscious. It's the easiest and fastest way to convince her to NOT do anything.

Page 5

Kern: Faen shows a new side of herself while Chiri and Merri are stuck in a vision. Those visions weren't that common lately, but they're back in Chel and those visions are going to become routine occurrence. Also, this is the beginning of Faen the Empress; she will boss all by the end of the chapter.

Page 6

Kern: They're being watched and things are way too quiet in that street. Snad did tell her people to get ready to kill Chrys when she returned. Of course they'd be watching. While Chiri and Merri are getting visions, they're probably silent visions. These watchers don't seem to be talking much, which doesn't help them to figure out what's going to happen.

Page 7

Kern: Aware of the enemy's presence, the whole column is stopped and they begin to watch the empty streets around with worry.

Page 8

Kern: There's demons around that the coalition fails to see, but Kiel does and she's on the hunt. Kiel does her own thing as always. And no, demons don't have smell.

Page 9

Kern: An unexpectedly silent city, a strange set of glows in the distance, and a warning is screamed. To give the feel of a lengthening silence in comic is a tough thing to portray.

Page 10

Kern: Cannons fire into the main street and ambushes await those escaping it. Big booms. Lots of big booms.

Pages 11-20

Page 11

Kern: In the aftermath of the cannon-fire, the armored division charges through the remains. Why doesn't the empath detect the enemies? That's not how empathy works. There's ton of people around and it doesn't tell you who may be the enemy. Why don't they block the blast? They tried given the time. Watch the guy without an head. Don't be that guy. Why didn't they run out of the street? No. Time. This is an ambush. Why doesn't Sharess save the day? Sharess is having a pizza. Not everything goes smoothly. If you protest at the protagonists getting their faces smashed in, you better not protest when the antagonists get their faces smashed in. Oh wait. It happens, too.

Page 12

Kern: The armored division and the Fallen strike at the artillery positions. The Fallen were already mid-way, Sara has a long weapon of her own, and those golems can jump. In case it's been too long: Those golems are from the attack on the airship chapter. The prototype, along with the engineers, were found in Shashi.

Page 13

Kern: Bombardment resumes from a new side of the battlefield, shredding the shelters where many had found refuge. However, the firing is short-lived this time, as something has put a stop to it. The page was getting quite late, so I stepped in to help with the coloring. Might look a bit different.

Page 14

Kern: The gang had to find an alternative route to escape after being hunted down by two different factions. And this one is one Kiel's used before, many times. On an artistic note, I wish I could make use of dialogue as visual effects more often. It can easily be missed.

Page 15

Kern: While the bombardment happened, the Imperial Guard was on the move to silence the second ambush. No, this is not in response to any complaints about scouts. The chapter was written before page 1 went up. Just have patience.

Page 16

Kern: The cannons are silent, victory is acquired. Although there is no sign of the agents that were waiting in ambush. But hey, I'm sure it was a complete victory. Congrats, the chapter ends at page 16.

Page 17

Kern: The scream of victory is cut short. Now why would they go and kill shouty boi instead of trying to get to the people they want dead?

Page 18

Kern: They fall back, assaulted from within their own ranks and from rooftops around. Among the chaos, Ariel and Faen are led to safety... This gave an opportunity for the traitors to eliminate the leadership. If Ariel hadn't been protected by the mightiest, strongest of bears, maybe it could have been done. But now Faen will destroy all and establish herself as empress. The end.

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Pages 21-30

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Pages 31-40

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Pages 41-50

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