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''((Taken directly from the Path to Power Player's Guide.))''<br><br>
''((Taken directly from the Path to Power Player's Guide. Subject to change.))''<br><br>
There are a few guidelines which define the boundaries for a [[Tei'kaliath]] member.<br><br>
There are a few guidelines which define the boundaries for a [[Tei'kaliath]] member.<br><br>

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((Taken directly from the Path to Power Player's Guide. Subject to change.))

There are a few guidelines which define the boundaries for a Tei'kaliath member.

Age: Between 30 and 125.
Race: Drowolath. (Unless your character joins the clan during special events noted in the manga.)
Eye color: Any color except red. There are no tainted Tei'kaliath.

Equipment: No weapons or any valuables, but you do have the clothes on your back, the essentials that you couldn’t part with, and maybe a memento of past times.

Hailing from an isolated city far out on the outskirts of the underground Drow nation, your group are the surviving members of an attack which wiped out the ruling clan (and sole clan of the city) and threw the population into chaos. The nature of the attack is unknown, and details are fuzzy - it is not known whether the attackers came from within or without the city, nor what their goals were.

Led by the youngest daughter of the former Ill'haress, you fled the lands seeking refuge and a new start. In a journey which took many weeks, several refugees died of hunger or injury and almost everything of value was sold to pay for food.

You have now reached an area where the light of Chel'el'Sussoloth is visible, although this place is unfamiliar to you. None of the refugees have ever heard of the great pillar of light, the Great Clans, drowussu. For you, this new land will be full of wonders and fraught with peril, and you must band together with your fellow clan members in order to survive this dangerous new territory.

There was only one clan, the ruling clan. Tei'kaliath's leader, An'jhali, is the sole surviving Val of that clan. The old clan's name was not Tei'kaliath, nor is the old clan resurrected in any way. Tei'kaliath is its own clan, not a return to what was. The Tei'kaliath have rallied around An'jhali because she took charge of the exodus, and became an icon which gave her people hope.

In place of minor clans there were Houses,from a small family unit, to a large, multigenerational family, held together by some common purpose. The Houses made up a large middle class, from just below the ruling clan in status, to just above the commoners.

Unlike in Chel'el'Sussoloth, there was never a great battle between the generations, and although the dark elven numbers dwindled slowly but surely, they were still respected members of society. All the remaining dark elves died in the chaotic battle of the city's last days, however, and may have been targets of whatever force launched the attack.

Most Tei'kaliath either knew a dark elf or knew someone who did, and most were fairly closely related to one. This influence has caused the Tei'kaliath drowolath to have a somewhat lighter skin tone than their Chel'el'Sussoloth counterparts, and some have a hint of natural color in their hair. The Tei'kaliath are also taller on average than Chel'el'Sussoloth citizens.

The city did not have access to the surface, nor any contact with any other drow cities. It is believed there was no contact with other species either. The city was completely self-sufficient.

The city was a hub of sorts, the culmination of a thousand years of failing settlements. As the outlying villages failed, the survivors gravitated towards the city, the only remaining light of civilization in that area.

The ruling clan maintained two martial forces, the Defense Force, and the Expeditionary Force. The Expeditionary Force's main task was to recover items from the failed settlements that surrounded the city.

When making a character, remember that the Ill’haress is the one who is special, everyone else are support characters to her lead role.

If you need help with character creation, come to the forums. Also you don’t need to make up a background unless you intend to join the roleplay. Path to Power is a macro game, so the background has no bearing on what happens in the two archives. It is only in the roleplay section of the forums that backgrounds and personal abilities have anything to say.