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Phani'lath Vel'Sharen

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Phani'lath Vel'Sharen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Phani'lath Vel'Sharen
Current Status
Attendant to Zala'ess Vel'Sharen
  • Sired by an Illhar'dro

Phani'lath is one of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen's sons. He often attends her whenever she leaves the Vel'Sharen towers.

Appearance and Personality

Phani'lath is a joker. He has obvious pride in his clan and his bloodline, and he is quick to tease anyone and everyone when he has the opportunity. He is sometimes considered immature for his constant exaggeration and sarcastic slings, but he is still a trusted companion of Zala'ess.

Phani'lath rides a dragon mount with bright orange flames painted around its eyes. He has short, dark blue hair with a teal streak in the front, and he has three silver hoop earrings in his left ear. His eyes are tainted red.

Biography - Arc I

Phani'lath is an adult son of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen who accompanies her on her business outside of the Vel'Sharen clan.

When Zala'ess visited the Val'Sarghress clan to negotiate with Quain'tana Val'Sarghress for the release of her daughter Chrys'tel, Phani'lath was a part of her entourage. He spent the majority the the meeting making snarky comments about Quain'tana and her ugly appearance, which Zala'ess used as fuel for her own condescending insults.

He later attended his mother while she was waiting for the gathering of the clans she had called to begin. Chrys'tel, who had escaped on her own after Zala'ess' failed meeting with Quain'tana, asked him what the previous gathering was like. He gave her a comical account poking fun of most of Chel's most powerful leaders, which failed to amuse his older sister Yami'ni.[1] Sabrror confirmed that while Phani's story may have stretched the details, the end result was still the same.

Phani'lath was also one of the reinforcements that arrived to assist Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen when her carriage was attacked by Cer'kal and Taio'shi. He and his mount escorted Snadhya and Mel'arnach to the Val'Sarghress fortress, where he made it clear that the Vel'Sharen envoy meant only peace.[2]

Biography - Arc II

Phani'lath left for Nuqrah'shareh when his mother, Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, chose to lead her bloodline to aid the Val'Illhar'dro loyalists in the civil war they were facing. He and his sisters, Yami'ni and Chrys'tel, lead the imperial envoy. One of Phani's tasks is to join Chrys'tel on the surface to survey the ruins of Saosh, but he would rather gossip about his sister's new Balvhakara boyfriend. [3]

During the war against the Val'Sarghress, Phani'lath is trapped in the Sharen fortress along with Sabrror, Saph'ala and Sun'ya. [4] He is incredibly worried about Zala'ess' lack of response to the situation with the Sharen's terms of surrender.

Notable Quotes

"Had she the look of a real woman, she would be more luck in love." - teasing Quain'tana Val'Sarghress [5]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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