Pelan Val'Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                                 48       

Pelan Val'Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Pelan Val'Sarghress
Race: Drowolath

  • Slight speech impediment

A son of Mel'arnach under the care of the Sarghress, and youngest brother to Ariel.

Appearance & Personality

Pup is a young boy with short white hair, dressing in a plain red tunic. He has blue and purple eyes, showing Sullisin'rune heritage. He is a cheerfully rambunctious child; playful and prone to mischief. In essence, he is a typical young boy. Owing to his young age, he still struggles at times with pronunciation.


One of the children that Quain'tana forces Mel'arnach to bear in exchange for her freedom, Pup first appears alongside his older brother and sister during the aftermath of the Puppeteer Incident. Under the protection of Jiv'kyn, the trio are greeted by Ariel and Faen for the first time. Vene introduces himself and Pup, and the pair begin their "defense" of their toy fort by throwing a stale loaf of bread at Ariel, drawing her immediate ire. Faen briefly attempts to mediate for the young boys, taking interest in Pup's eyes as a sign of shared blood. However, she too loses her temper when Vene accuses her butt of being "too big" to fit in the fort.

Though the pair lose a roughhousing match with Faen in short order, they are quick to laugh as Ariel's attempts at holding their younger sister ends with a foul-smelling mess. As Quain'tana arrives on the scene, he shares his brother's enthusiasm in her sagas. After Quain'tana leaves, Ariel and Faen continue to spend time with the young children.

Notable Quotes

"Mad bear is not taking my eyes!" -After drawing the ire of Faen.

This article reflects events up to chapter 48.