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Quain'tana Val'Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Quain'tana Val'Sarghress

Current Status
Ill'haress of Val'Sarghress
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Field tactics
Quain'tana Val Sarghress is the founder and current Ill'haress of the Val'Sarghress clan. She is a capable warrior and a figurehead for the common class.

Appearance and Personality

Quain'tana Val'Sarghress is a warrior who believes in the importance of strength, both of spirit and of body. She is known to be pragmatic, stubborn and insensitive. She does what she thinks is right for the clan without question, and will never give up without a fight. Her posture and personality are both commanding and authoritative. She is a firm leader who will do anything that it takes to win the wars she wages. Quain'tana lives for the battlefield and freely admits that she has no head for politics. Her short temper, harsh policies, and extremist views have cause many to label her as a tyrant, but to a growing number of commoner drow, she is seen as a courageous warrior who will fight relentlessly for justice.

Quain'tana and her daugther Mel'arnach have a strained and abusive relationship
Due to her rough personality, she does not have many people she would consider close to her. She trusts her Commanders as friends in the field, but there very few people that seem to be able to appeal to Quain'tana on a personal level. Her son Kel'noz is often able to calm her down and give her guidance when she needs it, and she is rumored to be lovers with Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune, the Ill'haress of the Sullisin'rune clan. She is respected by her daughter and heir, Ariel Val'Sarghress, but is loathed by her older daughter Mel'arnach, with whom Quain'tana has had a history of abuse.

Quain'tana is arguably one of the tallest drow in Chel'el'Sussoloth. She is a strong, muscular and imposing figure who is rarely seen outside of her battle dress. She has long white hair that is streaked with red dye and has purple eyes.


Origins and the Sarghress Clan

Quain'tana was born a commoner in Chel'el'Sussoloth. Seeing the rough lives lived on the streets outside of the golden Val palaces, she began to fight back against the nobility. Starting slowly, she built up a group of mercenaries to change her lot in life. As this ragtag group took shape, it formed the foundations of what would later become the Sarghress Clan.

Eventually, this clan became strong enough to be considered for Major Clan status. With the backing of the Val'Sullisin'rune, the Sarghress became Val, and Quain'tana its Ill'haress. This angered the many traditionalist Val, most of all the Val'Sharen who saw Quain'tana's commoner status as a disturbance to the stable yet fragile order that currently held sway in the city.

The Nidraa'chal War

When Chel'el'Sussoloth fell prey to the Nidraa'chal menace, Quain'tana and the Sarghress clan refused to help the Val'Sharen hold the peace, choosing instead to defend commoner districts and their own borders.[1] When the war was over, the Sarghress held the lands they had protected and took advantage of the weakened state of the Val'Sharen empire to acquire territories the Sharen could no longer hold. This sudden growth led Quain'tana to assign commoners as district administrators, causing public outcry from Vals of other clans.[2]

An Heir to the Clan

As Ilharess of the Sarghress clan, Quain'tana has had to step back from fighting on the front lines and hold the clan together. Too critical to the clan, most believe that if Quain were to die that the Sarghress would not stay unified and without a clear line of succession, the clan would splinter back to its original groups. Quain sees this and despite her public disdain for the traditions of the past, one tradition that Quain privately hoped to continue was to have one of her daughters lead the clan after her.

At this point, Quain'tana had three children - twins Mel'arnach and Kel'noz, and a daughter Laele'aell. Her womb was critically wounded by Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen in battle, rendering any hopes for future children futile. Mel'arnach had no interest in ruling the clan, leaving Laele'aell as the only viable female candidate. Unfortunately, Laele'aell soon fell to a demon and became unfit to lead the clan.

Without a suitable heir, Quain'tana ordered Mel'arnach to bear a daughter to lead the clan. Mel'arnach refused, citing a firm distaste for mating with males. With no other choice for obtaining a blood heir, a furious Quain'tana imprisoned Mel'arnach for disobeying orders.

Quain'tana was forced to look to other sources for a suitable heir. She first adopted a baby named Syphile from two strong parents. Quain'tana charged her to become a summoner at Orthorbbae, but after undergoing the mandatory tainting ceremony, Quain'tana stripped her of her heir status for being too weak to resist what she considered Vel'Sharen treachery. With no other options, she named a trusted commander and friend, Koil'dorath Nori'fu Sarghress, as her official heir.

Meanwhile, the imprisioned Mel'arnach began efforts to conceive a child with Zhor, an aware she kept as a lover. When the baby was born female, Quain'tana immediately forced Mel to surrender the child. She named her Ariel, declared her publicly as her own daughter and placed responsibility for her development entirely on Syphile's shoulders.

Ariel's Development

After years of Syphile's torture, Ariel grew up weak, angry and afraid. Upon first meeting Quain'tana on her 10th birthday, she stated that her greatest wish was to kill Syphile. Quain'tana would have discarded her entirely had Kel'noz not convinced her that Ariel should have a second chance away from Syphile's hand. She sent Ariel to school at Orthorbbae disguised as a male to keep her from repeating Syphile's mistakes.

Quain'tana orders Ariel and her cousin Sarnel to fight to the death.

Inevitably Ariel's identity was discovered at school, and Ariel returned to the fortress. Quain'tana told Ariel that she would need to prove herself in order to become heir to the clan and charged her with taking revenge on the boy who bullied her throughout school. Ariel obliged and brought a defeated Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress to Quain'tana's feet. Quain'tana then ordered a frightened Ariel to kill the boy. When Ariel refused, she cited Ariel's previous desire to kill Syphile. Angered, she asked if Ariel would prefer to kill only those in her own clan. Quain ordered Sarnel Tions Sarghress to fight Ariel to the death if that was the case.

Ariel chose to show her mother her strength by killing Mir'kiin gruesomely on the spot. Quain'tana immediately declared her "daughter" Ariel as her heir to the Sarghress clan.

Quain'tana meanwhile kept Mel'arnach in captivity, refusing to allow her anywhere near Ariel. A broken-hearted Mel'arnach attempted to attack Quain'tana, but was restrained as Quain'tana struck her square in the face.

Syphile, meanwhile, continued to be a disappointment to the clan. One one notable occasion, she directly favored the orders of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen over those of Quain'tana herself, prompting the Ill'ahress to angrily warn Syphile that she was on thin ice. Later that day while walking down the halls and conversing with some of her Dev'esses, Quain'tana found Syphile beaten and sobbing at the bottom of some stairs and banished her from the Sarghress clan.[3]

Preparing for War

Quain'tana breaks Mel'arnach's arms.
With an official heir of her own blood, Quain'tana began to gather the clan's strength to plot the demise of the Vel'Sharen. With war between the Val'Sarghress and the Vel'Sharen slowly simmering to a boil, Zala'ess Vel'Sharen struck the first blow by failing to invite Quain'tana to a gathering of the clans' Ill'haresses. She sends a massive war golem and a trained nether summoner in place of an invitation, which the Sarghress soldiers fight off handily. In the confusion of the attack, Quain'tana finds that Syphile has returned to the clan as a Vel'Sharen agent with the goal of assassinating Ill'haress Quain'tana. Quain'tana deftly defeats Syphile with nothing but her bare hands, killing the traitor once and for all.

Before she dies, Syphile spits out a series of insults to the woman who raised her. She curses Quain'tana, calling her a terrible mother who ruins the lives of anyone she gets near. She blames Quain'tana for all the misery she has suffered and for ending up the way she did. Her last words before Quain'tana stabs her through the neck are "Go ahead Mother, do what you do best. Do the only thing you know."

In the wake of the attack, Quain'tana is visited by Ill'haress Ash'waren Val'Sullisin'rune, who appears to soothe Quain'tana's bruised ego. She informs Quain'tana that Zala'ess used the gathering as a means to accuse the Sarghress clan of being behind the Nidraa'chal uprising with mixed results among the other Ill'haresses in attendance. With the Sharen position made public, Quain'tana realizes it is time to wage war.

With Syphile's final words still ringing in her ears, she began to open up to Ariel after the failed assassination. She went on a wolf ride with her heir to show her the Sarghress war machine and to explain her philosophy. She also made an effort to show Ariel how proud she is of all that she has accomplished.

Meanwhile, Mel'arnach takes advantage of the attack to sneak off to visit her lover, Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen. Upon her return, she is thrown at Quain'tana's feet. Quain'tana demands an explanation, to which Mel'arnach simply asks for another chance. Quain'tana demands more children of Mel'arnach to solidify her bloodline in the clan. Mel refuses, and Quain'tana demands Mel'arnach's arms be broken as punishment. When Mel spits that Quain should do her own dirty work, Quain'tana obliges, smashing her daughter's arms to a pulp with a warhammer.

Mel'arnach is thrown in the dungeon, where she soon meets Ariel. She tells Ariel that she is her real mother, and that Quain'tana took Ariel away the moment she was born. Ariel is torn, between her two "mothers". She brings Quain'tana to Mel'arnach and asks that Mel be given another chance. Mel'arnach agrees to Quain'tana's strict demands, and begins the process of creating a more heirs for the clan.

War with against the Vel'Sharen

15 years later, Quain'tana is reported to be in the heart of battle with the Vel'Sharen. She is leading her troops in the assault on First Landing.

Notable Quotes

"You did well, my daughter...It's the first one that is the most difficult. You need to be ruthless to survive." - Quain'tana's words to Ariel after killing Miir'kin Vel'Vloz'ress

"...Quain'tana is a woman who has fought against her fate, against society, and impossible odds her whole life. What did you expect her to do, just give in to the stubborness of her rebel daughter?"
- Kel'noz speaking to Mel

Outside of Moonless Age

Quain'tana Val'Sarghress has also appeared in: Longest Wait, Spider Born, Breach of Faith, Daydream Archive 1: Liriel's First Daydream, Back to Reality, Alternate Reality, Daydream Archive 2: Off Duty, Daydream Archive 3: 20 Years Later, Renewing Alliance

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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