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Age: 48
Martial Style: Anisian does not fight. As a slave, she will either run or submit.
Mana Skill: Empathy, although Anisian has had no formal training and so does not have very good or complete control over her abilities.

Anisian believes she was born to a powerful merchant family that was destroyed by other merchants, when in truth her mother had cheated the Sullisin'rune clan and was summarily wiped out. Anisian was sold into slavery, where she has kept her empathy trait a secret, realizing that she would be more closely watched if her owners knew.

Whenever the conditions become too horrible to endure, Anisian escapes, but often is quickly recaptured as she does not possess the skillset necessary to survive on her own, and the process invariably repeats itself. She travels exclusively with her current companion, Sakkara, who manages to block out alot of the negative emotions that tend to plague untrained empaths, and now she seeks to surround herself with these kind of people to achieve some sort of peace.

First Appearance: Relic Hunters, Group 3, Chapter 1, Page 1