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RH:Nel'ambi Nori'kin Val'Sarghress

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This page is not verified canon. It is intended for supplemental reference only.

Nel'ambi Nori'kin Val'Sarghress

Corporal Nel'ambi Nori'kin Val'Sarghress.

Age: 88
Martial Style: Two-sword style. Nel'ambi fights with a short sword in her off-hand.
Mana Skill: Basic Mana Manipulation. Nel has had little formal training and is not very practiced with her mana.
Special Skill: Command Experience.

Nel'ambi was born a commoner in a small drow settlement and always wanted to be a fighter ever since seeing an Illhar'dro trading caravan come through her village. Soliciting what warriors made their way through for lessons, she finally got her opportunity when a disreputable mercenary troop known as the "Hammers" came into town recruiting. Nel was with the Hammers for years, where she learned that a mercenary's life was not at all like the stories. The Hammers grew more and more unsavory over the years, and they dealt with cheats and deserters harshly; unable to leave willingly, she had no other course but to sneak in and killed the Hammer leadership in the night before escaping. She tried signing up with the Illhar'dro, who wouldn't take her due to her association with the Hammers; with nowhere else to go, she went to the Sarghress.

Nel has gained a fierce loyalty to the Sarghress, having learned more in her eight years with them than her entire life cobbled together. With a sense of belonging, Nel'ambi does not take her duties lightly, strives to be competant and can be a little too serious at times, but above all, there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her brothers and sisters-in-arms.

First Appearance: Relic Hunters, Group 1, Chapter 1, Page 1