Raai'chinno Han'dai Val'Illhar'dro

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Appeared in chapters                                                     52   

Raai'chinno Han'dai Val'Illhar'dro
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Raai'chinno Han'dai Val'Illhar'dro
Race: Dokkalfar
Sponsored by: Ratatoskr
Current Status
Alliance Squadleader
  • Affinity - Spellsong
  • Nicknamed "Chinno".

Appearance & Personality

Raai'chinni is a young female dokkalfar with blue eyes. She dyes her hair blue and styles it into an elaborate braided ponytail. She is a somewhat vain woman, rather particular about her hair and with a noted obsession towards neatness and cleanliness.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

" "[1]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 52.


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