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The world of Drowtales is, like any world, a living, breathing thing occupied by a wide variety of intelligent races. While these races might not always get along, they still exist all the same.

Fae Races

Dark Elves

Dokkalfar, and the recent resurgence of drow born on the surface, Colony-born


The mist-altered descendants of the Dokkalfar


The eye-less drow offshoots; mutants born from defects stemming from generational exposure to the mist.

Light Elves

The Tribe of Light, theand ancient enemy of the dokkalfar


The mist-altered descendants of the Vanir


Also known as Guardians, these are elves fused with mana-brearing creatures using ancient techniques from the Moon's Age. Some take the form of half-elf and half beast, others were fully transformed into a beast.


Elves fused with mana-bearing serpents


Ne'kalsaider, Waelinider, Streekaider; elves fused with gigantic spiders

Mana-bearing Fae creatures


Dragons, both surface variety and the cave-dwelling flightless types.


Intelligent insect-like creatures who have limited mana ability


Jaal'darya biogolems, Vloz'ress corrupted nagas

Non-fae Races

Non-fae races have no auras, and thus no magic ability of their own. Many if not most fae see this lack of aura as proof that the non-fae are soulless beings.


Emberi, Halmes, Rift Halmes, Kotorcs, Hermionne; mana-less spoken races of the surface world who grew in number since the fall of elvenkind


The original inhabitants of the Underworld


cat-like creatures who act as servants and guides for their drow masters

Other Races


Demons, Ver'aku, Vel'akar; the otherworldly invaders