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Rae'uul Ganith

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Appeared in chapters   2                                                         

Rae'uul Ganith
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Rae'uul Ganith
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Orthorbbae Master - Maths & Science
  • Teaching
  • Mathematics

Rae'uul is an Orthorbbae Master, responsible for teaching maths and science to the students of Davya tower.

Appearance & Personality

Rae'uul is a stern drowolath male with silver eyes and unkempt hair. He dyes the ends of his hair black and wears thin glasses. He is a stern and aloof individual, with a rather sardonic wit. As with many other Orthorbbae masters, he has little tolerance for disrespect from his students, using a combination of his sharp tongue and light smacks from his books to discipline unruly students. He wears a long brown cloak over a grey tunic with teal and gold trim.


Rae'uul, surveying his classroom.

He first appeared as the master teaching maths and science in Ariel's first year at Orthorbbae. Wryly noting Mir'kiin's pink hair and attire (a result of a punishment from Master Soleam'ji), Rae'uul disciplined the boy with a sharp swat from a book when the child acted out yet again. When Mir'kiin continued to run his mouth, Rae'uul mocked his newfound pink color, mortifying the Vloz'ress child. His class continued to be problematic, with numerous students doodling or napping from boredom, though Rae'uul was entirely unsympathetic.

Notable Quotes

"Young man, please dress properly next time. That dress is horrible. Youngsters these days..."[1] - Wryly commenting on Mir'kiin's punishment of pink attire.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 2.


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