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  | section = Moonless Age Cameo
  | section = Moonless Age Cameo
  | faction = Val'Sharen
  | faction = Vel'Sharen
  | status = Slave
  | status = Slave
  | race = Drowussu
  | race = Drowussu

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Appeared in chapters                                                47   50         

Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Sakkara
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Sakkara/Sarai
Current Status

Enjoys trying on her mistresses' clothing.

A slave in service of Zala'ess.

Appearance & Personality

Sakkara is a petite young drowussu with pink eyes and short pink hair. She wears a slave collar and a variety of servant dresses, generally with long stockings that extend up her thigh. She is cowed and outwardly obedient, but on the lookout for opportunities to escape. She greatly enjoys trying on clothing, to the point that is borderline obsessive.


She is first seen at the meeting between Zala'ess and Quain'tana, during the closing hours of the District War. She is the only one allowed to remain in the room as the two stop posturing and begin to negotiate seriously. Alongside the two clan heads, she reacts in mild confusion as Kiel returns with the Turtle Summon, causing the building to shake.

She is next shown entering Zala'ess' command post to deliver tea, but she is intercepted by Shinae, who insists on delivering the tea instead. This allows Shinae to poison Zala with flower poison, though she is seen be Chrys'tel. To avoid irrefutable proof of her deed, Shinae passes the empty vial to Sakkara as she leaves. Unfortunately for Sakkara, she is unaware of the contents of the vial and takes a curious sniff.

Later, she is among the many who are overtaken during the Puppeteer Incident, being forced to make an attempt on Zala'ess' life. As she closes in with the others, Quain'tana arrives to protect Zala'ess from the assault. She is eventually freed from the control when Kharla is slain.

Notable Quotes

"What was in there?" -Upon unknowingly sniffing a vial of flower poison.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 49.