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Appeared in chapters                                       38                   

Saosh is a colony under Illhar'dro control, and appeared to have been attacked by Sarghress troops during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War.

On her first trip to the surface world, Chrys is accompanied by Nau, Sara, Phani'lath Vel'Sharen to meet An'jin Jie'yen in Saosh to discover what happened to the colony. By An'jin's reports, by all appearances the Sarghress overworld troops ransacked the colony in an effort to disable Nuqrah'shareh and the Illhar'dro. This solidifies the evidence that Chelian foreign clans, namely the Val'Sullisin'rune and the Val'Sarghress, were working against the Illhar'dro.

This article reflects events up to chapter 38.