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  | sponsor = Beanie
  | sponsor = Beanie
  | talents =  
  | talents =  
* Massive strength
* Massive muscular strength.
  | family =  
  | family =  
  | trivia =  
  | trivia =  

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Appeared in chapters                                                         56   

Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Scen'tloth
Race: Vel'akar
Sponsored by: Beanie
Current Status
Wandering Demon
  • Massive muscular strength.

Scen'tloth is a wandering demon residing within a nether-infested district of Chel.

Appearance & Personality

Scen'tloth is a tall male vel'akar with a powerful build and a demonic cyclopean eye. As is typical for glutton demons, his physical body has been greatly warped from that of the drow he once was. In addition to having only a single eye on his head, he has developed an enormous toothed maw forming in the center of his chest. His left arm is also grossly deformed, having warped into a large three-fingered claw, with numerous sharp bony protrusions and a second eye located near the base of the shoulder. He is dressed in a simple orange pants with cloth wrappings on his feet. His facial features are concealed by a tan cylindrical hat with an accompanying veil and shawl.

While possessed of the feral hunger typical of glutton demons, he retains a greater degree of intelligence and personality than most. He is fully capable of speech and expressed himself in a calm and polite manner. Perhaps a lingering quirk of his original host's mind, he is also obsessive about personal hygiene.

Biography - Arc III

Scen'tloth first appeared as Kiel and her companions ventured forth from Orthorbbae to respond to an attack by a pair of agents presumed to be operating under Snadhya'rune's orders. Only a brief distance into Chel, they came across the scene of a massive infestation of both The Queen's Flower and Demons, which the Kyorl'solenurn were mounting a massive operation to purge. Scen'tloth was among the first demons they encountered that were capable of significant resistance, with Scen'tloth's brute strength sufficient to grapple a Warden and a battle dawmere simultaneously.[1]

Notable Quotes

" "[2]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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