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{{Appears in|0 10 16* 25 32 50 55|Thalamani}}
{{Appears in|0 10 16* 25 32 50 55 57|Thalamani}}
  | faction =  
  | faction =  
  | status =  
  | status = Possessed by Diva'ratrika
  | race = Dokkalfar
  | race = Dokkalfar
  | born =  
  | born =  

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Appeared in chapters 0          10      16*         25       32                  50     55  57  
Appeared in side stories Thalamani

Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Sharess
Race: Dokkalfar
Current Status
Possessed by Diva'ratrika

A historical queen that gave her life to save the Dokkalfar race, often worshiped as a goddess for her sacrifice.

Appearance & Personality

Sharess was a tall dokkalfar, regal and beautiful in appearance, with dark violet hair long enough that it reached the floor. Stylized triangular markings crossed her brow in an arch or crescent, which her descendants mimicked using sharp, prism-like gems set in a coronet, with each higher rank having more gems embedded in it.


Sharess, separating her aura from her body, as told in legends.

Sharess was the empress of the Sharen empire during the closing years of the Moon's Age. She relinquished her physical form in a ritual to seal away the demonic invaders that laid waste to the elven surface empires, sending her aura over to the otherworldly dimension to prevent the demons from crossing over into the world again. The Vel'Sharen clan of Chel'el'sussoloth are her sister's descendants.

After her sacrifice, Sharess' body was recovered and placed in stasis, to be later watched over by Sha'sana. The former Othorbbae headmistress has dedicated the last sixteen years of her life towards recovering Sharess from the nether world, in hopes that if the queen can be restored, she will unite the clans and bring peace to the drow and remaining dokkalfar [1].

Sharess' body kept encased in a mana-conductive preservation tank, in the inner chambers of the Ninth Tower[2] for over a thousand years, until roughly three years after The District War, Diva possessed her flesh and emerged to assist the war against Snadhya'rune[3].

This article reflects events up to Chapter 57.


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