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==Notable Quotes==
==Notable Quotes==
''"The Nidraa'chal is in opposition to this notion. We want to leave the past behind and forge our own future. It is simple really. Drow ruled by drow."'' - on the goals of the Nidraa'chal <ref>{{ChapterRef|27|6}}</ref>
''"The Nidraa'chal is in opposition to this notion. We want to leave the past behind and forge our own future. It is simple really. Drow ruled by drow."'' - on the goals of the Nidraa'chal <ref>{{ChapterRef|27|6}}</ref>
==Character Concept==
Image:snadoutfitsupgrade.jpg|Concept art of Snadhya'rune for Chapter 45 (by [[Lunareth]])
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{{Last update|39}}

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Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Snadhya'rune Vel'Sharen
Current Status
Headmistress of Orthorbbae
  • Nether summoning
  • Politics

Snadhya'rune is the eldest daughter of Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen. She is the headmistress of the Orthorbbae and an incredibly powerful summoner. She is the leader of the Nidraa'chal faction and the mastermind behind their rise to power.

Snadhya'rune orchestrated the silent assassination of her mother, Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika. She and her sisters rule the Vel'Sharen clan and by extension the whole of Chel'el'Sussoloth. She is actually one of the most powerful leaders of the Nidraa'chal, though this fact is known to very few individuals outside of the organization itself. She is a frequent lover of Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress.

Appearance and Personality


Snadhya'rune is manipulative and political in her endeavors. She would rather pull the strings behind the scenes than get her own hands dirty, and she is very good at convincing people to do what she wants. That being said, she is known to be one of the most powerful summoners in Chel'el'Sussoloth and an incredibly learned user of the mana arts. Like her mother, she is stubborn, ambitious and unyielding, but above all else she is ferocious in her pursuit of power and control.

Snadhya'rune is a revolutionary that believes that the traditions of the overworld ought to be banished for good. When fae moved to the underworld, they became drow, and Snadhya believes firmly that drow should be ruled by drow - not visions of Sharess passed down from earlier generations. To this end she is willing to do anything, and sees demons as a valuable tool for achieving her goals. She views tainting and demonology as the best chance drow have at surviving and hopes to convert the entire race into the evolved Ver'drowendar to ensure their survival and supremacy.

She toys readily with the loyalties she forms, and it is never clear who Snadhya'rune is being honest with. She appears to genuinely care for her lover, Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress, but even this could be another of her machinations. To Snadhya, the ends will always justify the means, and she does not care who she has to crush to achieve her ambitious goals.

Snadhya'rune is tall and regal. She usually wears luxurious long robes and dresses in varying shades of light purple adorned with white fur. She is almost never seen without her summoning gauntlet and crown, which bears five purple gems. Her hair is long and naturally a deep purple hue. Her eyes were purple before she was tainted.

Biography - Arc I

Snadhya'rune and her mother Diva'ratrika rarely saw eye to eye.[1]

Daughter of Diva'ratrika

Snadhya'rune is the eldest of five sisters born to Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen, the empress of Chel'el'Sussoloth. She and her mother did not always see eye to eye, and Snadhya'rune often felt stifled under Diva'ratrika's stubborn demands that she bear children for the clan. She preferred taking female mates, and during her time as a teacher at Orthorbbae she became fond of Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress. The pair became close, but as elder daughters to two staunchly rivaled clans they had to continue their love in secret.

Diva'ratrika continued to demand heirs, and Snadhya'rune refused. Desiring than any child of her own be free from Diva'ratrika's rule, she secretly met with the Val'Jaal'darya and arranged to produce a child outside of the womb. She requested that Mel'arnach be made the father, but kept Mel in the dark about her plans. After they procured an egg from Mel, they grew a baby for Snadhya'rune in secret. Snadhya named the baby girl Kalki and raised her while Mel'arnach herself remained in captivity in the halls of her own clan.

Rise of the Nidraa'chal

Snadhya was studying under the then-headmistress of the Ortorbbae, Sha'sana. Together they were researching demons and other aspects of working with nether, looking for ways to protect the drow race from the apocalyptic demon threat that had almost wiped out all fae races years prior. They developed the procedures that became modern tainting techniques by seeding a fae's aura with weak demons. At some point during her research she reached out to the Vloz'ress, who at the time were simply a small group of families that focused on studying nether. Their expertise would have been invaluable to Snadhya'rune's own studies, but their leader, Ven'ndia, refused to help when she heard Snadhya's proposals. Snadhya'rune retaliated by sending an imperial force to wipe the nether cult off the map, but the Vloz were saved by the uncanny powers of the young Kharla'ggen. Rather than wiping the clan out for good, it gave them the needed shift in power to rise to great clan status.

As Snadhya'rune continued her research without the help of the Vloz'ress, her protector twin Khaless tragically lost her mind to a particularly strong demon. In the process, she became an incredibly powerful Vel'akar that still served as Snadhya's sister. The initial loss was hard for Snadhya, but Khaless became an incredibly powerful ally in her pursuits.

Meanwhile, Diva'ratrika and the majority of the population feared these new tainting techniques. It wasn't long before those that made use of them banded together to form the Nidraa'chal, a minor clan in its own right that focused on evolution of the drow races to Ver'drowendar - drow bearing the seed of a demon in their aura. Unbeknownst to the Val'Sharess, Snadhya'rune was the one who founded the Nidraa'chal as a secret organization meant to infiltrate every seat of power in Chel. Seeing tainting and demonology as the future of drowkind, Snadhya'rune tainted herself and installed her daughter Kalki as a leader within the Nidraa'chal. She convinced her sisters Zala'ess and Sarv'swati to join her cause, and they too underwent a tainting procedure. Their remaining sisters, Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta, were loyal to Diva'ratrika and refused to submit to the taint willingly.

Snadhya'rune and her sisters Zala'ess and Sarv'swati make a stand against Diva'ratrika.[2]

The Vel'Sharen Coup d'État

As the Nidraa'chal's numbers grew under Diva'ratrika's blind eye, the nether-based clan began to grow bold. They started attacking other clans without warning and used tactics that were heavily damaging to the civilian population. With open battles breaking out in the streets, Diva'ratrika began to organize a war effort against the Nidraa'chal. With the war distracting the bulk of Diva'ratrika's resources, Snadhya, Zala'ess, and Sarv'swati took advantage of their relatively unprotected mother's vulnerability.

They attacked her, forced her into her throne room, and sealed the entrance to leave her to die of starvation. The sisters forcibly tainted Nishi'kanta and framed the assassination attempt on Sil'lice, who was forced into exile. Snadhya and her sisters convinced the public that Diva'ratrika was alive, but in recluse. They took over the major responsibilities of the clan, and Snadhya'rune forced Sha'sana to resign as headmistress of Orthorbbae. She became one of the most powerful individuals in Chel and took control of the school for her own purposes. She mandated tainting for anyone taking summoning classes without making public the fact that the procedure she used would shorten the lifespan of those that underwent it. She and her sisters also strongly encouraged tainting for all members of the Val'Sharen clan, converting the clan into a nether-based organisation - the Vel'Sharen.

With the the young Vals of the Orthorbbae and the whole of the imperial clan tainted, Snadhya'rune successfully secured victory for the Nidraa'chal and the Chelian public was none the wiser.

Empress to Be

Snadhya'rune continued her work as headmistress of Orthorbbae while her plans to rule Chel'el'Sussoloth brewed in secret. When a female Val'Sarghress student named Ariel was found attending classes in the boys' section of the school, she became wary of Quain'tana Val'Sarghress' goals. She sent Ariel a peaceful letter requesting politely that she transfer to the girls' school immediately. Ariel and her family decided that she would withdraw from the school entirely rather than transfer into Snadhya'rune's care.


Snadhya'rune heard little from the Val'Sarghress and from her lover Mel'arnach until a few years later, when she sent notice to her lover that the Val'Sarghress fortress was likely to be attacked soon. Mel escaped in the chaos with her guard Lulianne, and the pair met Kalki in Snadhya's mansion on the edge of the Rebuilt District. Kalki brought them to the Orthorbbae to see Snadhya'rune, and the lovers warmly reunited. Having been a prisoner of her clan for so long and having no mind for politics, Mel'arnach had no idea who Kalki was, what the Nidraa'chal had done, or what role Snadhya'rune had to play in all of it. As Snadhya filled Mel in and told her that she was Kalki's "father," Mel was stunned and took some time to adjust to the fact that she'd had a child she never even knew.

Dissension in the Vel'Sharen Ranks

The were interrupted by Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen, who wanted to speak with Snadhya'rune about Zala'ess' recent actions. Zala had been making obvious bids for power and was endangering the Vel'Sharen's standing with the rest of Chel'el'Sussoloth as she tried to convince the other clans to wage war on the Val'Sarghress. Snadhya advised her to let Zala'ess wage her wars on her own, and when her bloodline and the Val'Sarghress wiped each other out, Sarv'swati herself would be poised to fill the power void and rule the clan. Even though she cared little for Zala'ess and her kin, Sarv still did not like the idea of throwing any Sharen under the bus like Snadhya was proposing. Snadhya reminded her sister that she would only be able to rule the clan effectively when she was alone in the bid for Ill'haress.

She asked Mel if she had any concerns about the planned destruction about the majority of her clan, and Mel'arnach replied that she owed the Val'Sarghress nothing.

Despite everything they have been through, Snadhya'rune still stands proudly at Mel'arnach's side. [3]

Mel'arnach and the Nidraa'chal

Sarv'swati left, and Snadhya, Mel, and Kalki resumed their discussions until a badly injured Lulianne came to them. She was tainted, bleeding, and beaten, and told everyone that she had picked a fight with a summoner while exploring. Snadhya'rune investigated the site of the fight to find that an elevator leading to a secret chamber above the school had been destroyed, and that scraps of Khaless' clothing lay strewn around the floor.

She later took a hot bath with Mel'arnach, who was overjoyed to once again spoil herself in luxury in the companionship of Snadhya. Snadhya explained to the out of touch Mel whoe the Nidraa'chal were and what they stood for before confessing to be one of their founders. She asked Mel to join them, and Mel said she'd think about it so long as she could be consort to Snadhya'rune when she became the Empress of Chel. Sndhya confessed that she would enjoy that and told Mel to keep this all a secret from her mother, Quain'tana.

They retired to Snadhya'rune's chambers, and Mel wished longingly that she could stay by Snadhya's side. Snadhya'rune advised that Mel'arnach first make peace with Quain'tana to secure her place in the Val'Sarghress clan. Though it was hard for Mel'arnach to accept this, Snadhya explained that if the Val'Sarghress won the brewing war, Mel'arnach would be in a better position if she and Quain'tana were on agreeable terms. If the Val'Sarghress were to fall, then Snadhya could make a bloodrite claim on her as Kalki's father. Either way, Mel'arnach would be cared for.

As Mel was becoming more convinced, they were interrupted by an attendant claiming that there was a problem in the great hall that needed the headmistress' attention immediately. Snadhya and Mel left for the great hall and found Naal'suul Val'Beldrobbaen in danger of losing control to her inordinately powerful seed. Snadhya used her knowledge of nether arts to siphon off some of the extra nether in Naal's aura, making her seed more manageable for the time being. She offered to see Naal personally anytime she felt she needed help controlling her seed, and told her that with her mother's permission they could possibly arrange for a sealing armor to be made.

Mel'arnach's Return to the Val'Sarghress

Snadhya'rune and Mel'arnach returned to bed, and the next day they took a carriage out to return Mel to her home. Snadhya, who rarely left the confines of the Orthorbbae, brought along two armed guards to protect her in case of attack. This proved to be a worthwhile forethought as the carriage was driven over a mine planted covertly by a pair of street children (Cer'kal and Taio'shi), rolling the cart and mildly injuring the Vals inside. Though neither Snadhya or Mel was seriously injured, they sent out a signal flare for Sharen reinforcements.

The pair arrived at the Val'Sarghress gate, now with a slightly larger envoy of Vel'Sharen soldiers. The Val'Sarghress immediately put in a call to arms, but Snadhya'rune and Mel'arnach emerged from the carriage hand in hand and claiming peace. Snadhya'rune officially apologized for the recent attack on the Val'Sarghress' home and promised that Orthorbbae would always remain friendly to their children. She left Mel'arnach with her family and returned to the Orthorbbae once again.

Biography - Arc II

15 years later, war had broken out between the Val'Sarghress, the Vel'Sharen, and their allies. While the war tore Chel'el'Sussoloth apart, Snadhya'rune became an advocate for peace. She sponsored a concert in the rebuilt district to serve as a symbol of hope. She enlisted popstar Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro to perform and spread the message that peace in both the underworld and on the surface were the key to drowkind's survival.

Snadhya'rune also sent out invitations to a meeting at her estate in Felde to discuss Chel's future. Both Kiel'ndia Vel'Vloz'ress and Ariel Val'Sarghress were invited to this event, as both are young leaders in position to change the current face of the empire.

Notable Quotes

"The Nidraa'chal is in opposition to this notion. We want to leave the past behind and forge our own future. It is simple really. Drow ruled by drow." - on the goals of the Nidraa'chal [4]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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