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Job/Rank : Crafter
Description : The crafter uses resources to make new ressources or usable material. Limited to things that the crafter can create without a forge, as the forge is the domain of the armorer and blacksmith. The crafter can create various items from leather, clay, stone, wood and more. To create furnitures, pots, water container, statues, columns, etc. Crafter is a rank that require artistic abillity as the person will need to upload picture of what their creations look like.

P2P member Name Gender Age Affinity Status Professional experience
Frost Indri Ka'hab Indri female 55 fire Crafter journeyman potter
Talancir*** Eldri'caldeyi male 87 air studio hand journeyman scholar
Korrin.Belle** Izalle female <60 ? studio hand ?
Aerisa(Aery)*** Lae'ryza female 30 ? studio hand house slave
Jaibyrd Lua'nar female 64 earth studio hand teacher/tutor
Selkie Serielle female 62 ? studio hand ranch hand
AuroraDragonKaya Set'suki male 46 light studio hand designer (clothing)
Dice Warwick Shana Jinx female 40 water studio hand (Spinster) trader
Tamo Shua Tamo Shua male 84 earth studio hand crafts/construction

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