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Job/Rank : Healer
Description : The healer takes care of the wounded and sick of the clan. Often a ranked member may go beyond his or her limit. Accidents also happen and so does war. The Healer has the abillity to advise ranked members and to recover their abillities.

P2P member Name Gender Age Affinity Status Professional experience
Thalar Elif'rafaat female 71 blood Healer doctor (surgeon)
tanarill Ardune female 97 ? nurse ?
Bel'xullyn Bel'xullyn female 45 ? nurse nurse
Runes Ilrae'selyir female 125 empathy Head nurse healer
catriana** Jan'avin female 55 ? nurse ?
bean Jazzanide female ? ? nurse
Ketrilla Ketrilla Amakiir female 48 ? nurse student faern
Hfar Niar'suru Loruglasse male 39 empathy nurse portrait artist
Ruaka Ruaka female 42 ? nurse Chel slaver
Sunblaze** Syliana Thesianye female 89 air nurse ?

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