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Middle to High


Usually none, but may carry a self-defense weapon, such as a dagger.


None. Some may even wear no clothes to increase sensitivity.

Fighting Style

Ranged, behind companions, using empathy.

Mana Mastery

Empathy and healing.

Special Attributes

Support troop for Crusaders/Templars/Wardens. Nothing will pass unnoticed from an Inquisitor, be it someone hiding with magic or someone trying to lie.



Inquisitors are mostly composed of women, but there are some exceptions. They are both revered and feared for their special skill, Empathy, which can only be gain through lineage. Once a child is born with sign of Empathy, she is sent to the Kyorl'solenurn school and is placed in a special class where she is raised in order to exploit her full potential. Unlke the drowolath in the same position, these drowussu children are well-supported. This permits them to grow up as adults who have control over their empathy, not the opposite. Yet, some extreme cases appear from time to time, driving the Inquisitor close to insanity. Due to their full potential being unlocked, these Inquisitors can detect everthing from a long range, allowing them to track down anybody with a specific aura. They are able to detect if someone is telling the truth or lying, as well as perform the infamous cleansing ritual for the Drowussu who have walked off the holy path. The latter is why they are feared as well as revered; those who have to hide something wil not feel at east next to an Inquisitor. On duty, their head is usually covered by a helmet or cloth which hides their eyes so they can use their power optimally.

Inquisitors are the ace of the Kyorl'solenurn clan and thus is not usually used in direct battle; rather, as support for the troops. Their task is healing, although only serious cases are given any attention, leading the troops to a heretic or converting those whose mind was corrupted by the tainted. Healing is very taxing for the Inquisitors and tracking can also result in negative feedback for them. Inquisitors might not wear any armor, but rare are those who could get close enough to harm them.

Roleplay Recommendations

Like the Wardens, the Inquisitors are very uptight and will have a lot of difficulty to get off-duty. Because they have to deal with heretics and corrupted people so often, they sometimes have a very pessimistic and bitter veiw of the world. Their faith is stil strong, however, and most of them will not hesitate to denounce sinners among the drowussu and drowolath, alike.

The exception is a few cases who are close to insanity due to lack of control over their power. Those would most likely be more disconnected from the real world than those who have good control. While the unstable ones would detect treacheries, lies and enemies, they might not tell the others about it unless they are asked.