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The Original Wiki "Jak of all Trades"

(Retired) Wiki Admin who knows a little bit about a lot of things. I'd be happy to answer any and all of your questions (or find you someone with a better answer than my own).

Contact me:

  • Wiki: my talk page
  • DT Forums: PM (Jak'iaah) or my feedback thread (here)
  • Steam: CommandoPeach
  • e-mail:


This is a list of things I should be doing. It's not always a good indicator of what I actually am doing.

  • Help Guides (making them, maintaining them)
  • Chapter/Event Pages (slowly writing these)
  • Mana Arts Pages (dedicated pages for each art)
  • Finding stuff that needs to be done (and making people do it)
  • Yelling at other users (all the sharess damned time)

Working/reference pages:

See also:

On the forums: Projects and Progress Thread
On the wiki: Help:Index