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Heya. I'm Thrair. A fellow schmuck what reads Drowtales. I mainly made this page so my edits would stop showing up with my name as a red link. I'm just OCD enough for that to irritate the crap outta me.

Anyways, I'm meandering around a bit in my updating of the wiki, but I've begun a more long-term project of updating from the earliest chapters on. If you're visiting and see a mistake, especially with a cameo, feel free to drop me a PM on the Drowtales Discord channel. I use the same username there. I'll correct it ASAP. Failing that, I do log into the forums periodically, so you can PM there, too.

Current Priorities

  • Chapter Pages
  • Character Pages
  • Layout Adjustments
  • Filthy Red Links and Stubs

My Cameos

Portrait Al'tesh Vel'Sharen.png
Al'tesh is an Imperial Guard serving under Zala'ess.
Portrait Crossbow Lady.png
(To return as a cameo.)
Portrait Mablevi Sarghress.png
(To return as a cameo.)


(Au'shura Kyorl'solenurn.png not found, click to upload)
Au'shura is a Kyorl'solenurn Inquisitor and empath.
(Maiq.png not found, click to upload)
Maiq is a Nal'sarkoth miner of Tei'kaliath ancestry living among the Sarghress of Machike.
(Neps.png not found, click to upload)
Neps is an Kyorl'solenurn crusader serving in the Order of Serenity.
Portrait Litti'rhyne Kyorl'solenurn.png
Litti'rhyne is a Kyorl'solenurn crusader and tailor.
Portrait Dan'suun Kyorl'solenurn.png
Dan'suun is a Kyorl'solenurn colonist living in Shikomei.
Portrait Eris'ea Kyorl'solenurn.png
Eris'ea is a dawmere handler, living in Shikomei.
(Felyn'mice Kyorl'solenurn.png not found, click to upload)
Felyn'mice is Kyorl'solenurn Inquisitor serving in the Order of Serenity.
(Slainne.png not found, click to upload)
Slainne is a powerful matriarch among the Am'saag barbarians, chieftain of her own tribe in the mountains.
(Xanndor.png not found, click to upload)
Xanndor is a dark elf of advanced age, and the father of both Raai'chinno and Araa'toskr.