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Vaelia is a member of a human race named the Emberi. She first appeared as a gladiator at the Black Dragon Tavern. After winning a fight that caused her grave personal injury, she was purchased by Ariel of the Sarghress who at the time was seeking some assistance in capturing a rival classmate. Later, she was joined by a disguised Ariel in an inconclusive gladiatorial match. She went on that day to rescue Ariel from Rikshakar's lust through verbal means, and from Jer'kol's assassination attempt at the cost of more of her blood. Ariel responded by granting her freedom. From this point on, she seemed to be chiefly concerned with encouraging Ariel.

During the operation to kill Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress, Vaelia displayed a keen distrust of Rikshakar. During the fight itself, she played the role of Ariel's coach. Through her efforts, Ariel's confidence in herself grew.

In the wake of Faen's exile, it was Vaelia who remained at the young heir's side and tried to help her. Despite her broken grasp of Ariel's language, she discovered what was troubling her and suggested the solution; a quest to find and recover the heir's friend Faen.

During the journey to the surface, Vaelia made it clear that she had her eyes on Rik and that he was not to pursue any of the young ladies. Later, she was grievously wounded by Jer'kol... again. Upon making camp after reaching the surface, she tried to put her past into words for Ariel.

Vaelia aspired to be a warrior in her hometown, but was ridiculed and refused by the men of her village. Females in martial pursuits were viewed as unacceptable by the Emberi. Motivated by revenge, she led slavers to her hidden village. She realized her error but it was too late; she was enslaved as well. This is how she ended up as a gladiator in the pit of the Black Dragon Tavern. Her goals in protecting Ariel are part admiration of the young lady and part atonement for the bad karma of her past.

First appearance: Chapter 4, page 3

Appears in chapter(s): 4-8, 11-15