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The Illhar'dro clan symbol.

The Val’Illhar’dro are the mercantile kingpins of the Underworld. Theirs is an empire of trade that touches nearly every settlement, affording them enough power to hold a seat among the Vals of Chel'el'sussoloth without being headquartered within the city. Their resolute stance on peace, often embellished by their infamous spellsongs, melts the social barriers and binds the alliances that allow their network to spread and prosper with but minimal bloodshed.


The Illhar’dro rose to prominence in Chel'el'sussoloth during the 2nd century of the Moonless Age, making them among the oldest of the drow clans. Unlike their Chelian contemporaries, the Illhar’dro were ill-content to confine themselves to the caverns of their birth and decided instead to spread their influence outward, building a massive trade network spanning the Underworld. The passage of time has done little to slow the growth of their empire and the masses of ada flowing through it. So great is their power in fact that, though their center of operations no longer resides in Chel'el'sussoloth, they retain a seat among the city’s Val clans.

Among the greatest of the clan’s achievements came with the dominance of Nuqrah'shareh. Though it is unclear if the Illhar’dro were the initial progenerators of the city or came later, they have long held control of it much like the Sharen had Chel'el'sussoloth. Under the hand of the Ill’hardro the city had, until recently, become a shining symbol of the clan’s wealth and peaceful ways. So proud are they of their far western nirvana that they moved their base of operations here from there from their old home city.

Culture and Politics

The Illhar'dro: Empire Builders.

Diplomacy and self-expression are the hallmarks of the Illhar’dro. Peace is the message that most clan members carry, and the philosophy of coexistence infuses much of their culture. By actively seeking friendly relationships with other powers they have been able to put themselves in the good graces of nearly every other known clan.

And of course with good relations come good customers. Much of the wealth and subsequent power of the Illhar’dro is derived from trade. Their fingers can be found in nearly every marketplace in the Underworld, and the intelligent purchasing, moving and reselling of valuables is what keeps the massive clan afloat. They are well aware of the vast profits to be made in drawing wealth from the surface world and often work alongside the Nal’sarkoth in such endeavors.

Artistic expression is highly valued in Illhar’dro culture. Clan attire is usually extravagant and flowing, dominated by shades of blue and white. The musical talents of the Illhar’dro are legendary, as is their skill with spellsongs, a form of magic that runs strong within the clan yet is neigh unheard of without.

Clan Fortresses and Properties

The Illhar'dro island palace.

The Illhar'dro once held property in Chel'el'Sussoloth, a beautiful citadel littered with flowering plants and trees, but they have abandoned the area around seven years prior to year 1114. However, with their home city's conflict currently coming to a close, the Illhar'dro are marching back with Zala'ess Vel'Sharen to aid in the war against Sarghress forces to retake their position as a great clan of Chel.

Postcard Nuqrah'shareh.png
Nuqrah'shareh, the Jewel of the West, is a peaceful city in the southwestern portion of the Underworld and is the Val'Illhar'dro seat of power. The Jie'yen and Balvhakara are two vassal clans serve the Illhar'dro; along with the politically neutral Dusk, these three stake their claim in the city as well.
Postcard Wailing Well.png
The Wailing Well is a mining town of Nuqrah'shareh and acts as a gate for the northeastern entrance to the city. Many Illhar'dro golems serve as protection here, with both drow and dwarven engineers maintaining them.
Postcard Saosh.png
Saosh is a colony under Illhar'dro control, and appeared to have been attacked by Sarghress troops during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War.
Postcard Val'Illhar'dro Fortress.png
The Illhar'dro fortress and their holdings in southwestern Chel'el'Sussuloth are dotted with greenery and masterfully carved architecture, reflecting the clan's emphasis beauty and art. It neighbors are the Vel'Sharen and the Val'Dutan'vir ruins.

Other properties of the Illhar’dro exist in nearly every drow settlement that dots the Underworld and a number of outposts reside upon the surface world as well, such as a outpost jointly owned with the Val'Nal'sarkoth.

Notable Event: Nuqrah'shareh Civil War

The war in Chel'el'sussoloth led to a massive stream of refugees traveling to Nuqrah'shareh, straining the city’s resources to a breaking point. Enraged by the lack of help from the Illhar’dro, much of the population assailed the clan’s palace. In the midst of the chaos Balsii Val'Illhar'dro successfully overthrew the Ill’haress Nega'fanea in an effort to establish control of the revolt outside. Escaping and finding allies in the clans Jie'yen, Balvhakara and Sharen of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, the Ill’haress was able to oversee a counter assault that forced her rebellious cousin into surrender. Though the war within the Illhar'dro ranks has apparently come to an end, there is still much contention between the clans and commoners of the city, the war still ongoing.

Clan Members


Portrait Nega'fanea Val'Illhar'dro.png
Illharess and the Fourth Queen of the great Illhar’dro, Nega'fanea oversees an expansive mercantile empire that appears to be cracking under the pressure of being spread too thin.

Important Figures

Portrait Balsii Val'Illhar'dro.png
The formal leader of Nuqrah'shareh for 31 years and Nega'fanea's cousin. She has grown tired of foreigners tearing her city apart and has waged a civil war against Illhar'dro loyal to her relative.
Portrait Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro.png
Kyo'nne is an eccentric, upbeat Val'Illhar'dro popstar from Chel'el'Sussoloth.
(Sandaur'recherrai Val'Illhar'dro.png not found, click to upload)
Sandaur'recherrai was a combat instructor for Orthorbbae and for students of Nuqrah'shareh.
Portrait Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro.png
Sorane is a feminine young boy with a love of female fashions, and often dresses like the greater sex.

Other Members

Portrait Jhal'na Val'Illhar'dro.png
Jhal'na is Nega'fanea's favorite daughter, and is headmistress of Spellsong at Orthorbbae.
Portrait Shodun Val'Illhar'dro.png
A Nidraa'chal agent aiding Balsii's coup.
Portrait Frisk Illhar'dro.png
Frisk is a Val'Illhar'dro musician that plays in Kyo'nne's band.
Portrait Ileh'gro Illhar'dro.png
Ileh'gro is an Illhar'dro surface merchant and the administrator of a small trading outpost in the north end of Dokkalfar Pass.
Portrait Ishii Val'Illhar'dro.png
A student of Sandaur who had her tongue cut badly by insurgents.
Portrait Jhin'elam Val'Illhar'dro.png
Jhin'elam is the headmaster of Dravyd, the eighth tower of Orthorbbae.
Portrait Layani Vajdya Val'Illhar'dro.png
Student of Sandaur during the rebel invasion.
Portrait Rei'shiid Recherrai Val'Illhar'dro.png
The commander of Nuqrah'shareh's core defense but refused to take a side.
Portrait Shen'fya Val'Illhar'dro.png
A Factionist with a fear of death leading her to commit many murders.
Portrait Tu'suust.png
Tu'suust is a bodyguard serving Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro.
(Kyu'dosha.png not found, click to upload)
Kyu'dosha is an Illhar'dro courier working for Zala'ess' alliance.
(Araa'toskr Arshaa'handai Val'Illhar'dro.png not found, click to upload)
Portrait Sasi'rael Nidraa'chal.png
Sasi'rael is a member of the Nidraa'chal that was assigned command of the captured Airship.

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