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Val'Kyorl'solenurn fortress

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The Kyorl'solenurn lands are a brightly lit swath of land cut from the darker recesses of the city. The section is walled off from the rest of Chel, and composes almost entirely of free Drowussu and a handful of mixbloods. White and other light colors dominate the scenery, and its orderly people and customs are reflective of the hard lined religious clan that leads them.

Note: At this time, very little is known about the land they inhabit, so large majority of the following information can be found in one podcast, "Kyorl'solenurn Orders" [1], as well as within the Moonless Age comic. Information is subject to change as new updates on the clan appear in Moonless Age.


The Kyorl properties possess a well-lit and pure ambiance.

Standing defiant in the southwestern reaches of Chel’el’Sussoloth stands the fortress of the Kyorl’solenurn clan, surrounded by a formidable swath of territory. The great clan fortress is a well-lit, holy place dominated by white and accented by other bright colors. Unlike many clans that sometimes open at least part of their fortresses up, the interior of the Kyorl’solenurn’s is adamantly blocked off to others save prisoners and the occasional ambassador.

The Kyorl’solenurn is the only clan to segregate its own students from the rest of the Orthorbbae, having built its own training facilities within the same cavern. Here the children of the clan undergo their training and initiation for the tasks of purging the world of demonic influence. These facilities too are barred from the general public. Despite their dissociation a member of the clan sits among the tower council.


This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.


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