Vren Vloz'ress

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Appeared in chapters                                            43    47          

Vren Vloz'ress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Vren Vloz'ress
Sponsored by: Shrg
Current Status
Kharla's caretaker

  • Formerly of the Beldrobbaen
  • His legs are golem replacements

Vren is a former Beldrobbaen, now caretaker for Ill'haress Kharla'ggen Vel'Vloz'ress.

Appearance and Personality

He wears simple dark colored clothes and a simple chestplate. His hair is black in color. The mask he wears is a relatively simple one with a smiling expression. He gets irrationally aggressive when he feels threatened.

Biography - Arc II

He served Kharla'ggen her breakfast before taking her to the gathering where the summoning stone is being presented. After Kharla summons the turtle within the stone, he is seen getting Kharla ready for her departure to Felde.

Notable Quotes

"If it weren't for some... strange stuff, I'd think you were harmless. Maybe I'll survive this caretaker job after all." Talking to Kharla.[1]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 43.


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