Yaeminira Sharen

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Yaeminira Sharen
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Yaeminira Sharen Portrait for flashback

Current Status
Golem Protector Twin
  • Nether summoning
  • Used to be named Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen

Yaeminira is a flesh golem that serves as a protector twin to Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen. When she was alive, she was a noble daughter of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen.

Appearance and Personality

Not much is known of Yaeminira's personality before she became a golem except for the fact that she was stubborn and adored by her mother, Zala'ess. She argued often with her protector twin.

Yaeminira is now a mindless golem that obeys her sister's command. Her sloppily cut hair is tied in twin braids, she wears a long hooded cloak, and her mouth has been stitched shut. Her eyes are blank and show signs of trauma underneath.


Vy'chriel and Yaeminira

Yaeminira used to be named Vy'chriel Vel'Sharen. She was the royal daughter of Zala'ess Vel'Sharen and her protector twin was Yaeminira. The true-born Vy'chriel was stubborn but adored by her mother Zala'ess. When tainting became a mandatory process for all Vel'Sharen summoners, she refused to undergo the process. Zala'ess never forced her daughter's hand, but constantly tried to persuade her to become tainted like the rest of the clan. Though Vy'chriel still refused, Yaeminira underwent the tainting process and argued with her sister about her loyalty to the clan. Despite the girls' actions, Zala'ess still only ever rewarded Vy'chriel and chastised Yaeminira.

Eventually, Yaeminira became sick of bending over backwards for the clan while Vy'chriel only ever did as she pleased. She attacked Vy'chriel, and her enhanced nether summoning tactics easily overwhelmed her sister. She killed Vy'chriel, and Zala'ess sought to punish her gravely. However, Sarv'swati intervened on Yaeminira's behalf and convinced Zala'ess to allow Yaeminira to take Vy'chriel's place. An animated golem was made from Vy'chriel's remains to serve as the new protector twin. Yaeminira became Vy'chriel and Vy'chriel became Yaeminira.

Serving Vy'chriel

Yaeminira's role became a passive one as she mindlessly followed her sister's orders. She was nothing but a physical shell of her original form. She followed Vy'chriel when Zala'ess ordered her to kill Sil'lice Val'Sharen at the Val'Sarghress fortress. Along the way, she killed Ant'alya Sarghress at Vy'chriel's request.

While Vy'chriel fought with Sil'lice in the Val'Sarghress courtyards, Yaeminira moved to protect her sister. Sil'lice's troops cut her off and defeated her easily. Before Kadara Val'Sharen was able to cut off her head, Sil'lice stopped her and said she may be able to find some use for Yaeminira's golem.

Notable Quotes

"I have no use for a twin who does not take my side. Go back to live as a commoner if you want. I don't care." -To the real Yaeminira before their fight

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.