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Appeared in chapters                                             44  46   49      

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Yuh'le
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: theslowblitz*
Current Status
  • High sorcery (Blood & Empathy)
  • Likes to kill little critters.

Yuh'le is an ex-Kyorl'solenurn sociopath and a friend of Mel'arnach.

Appearance & Personality

This untainted drowussu dresses in bright pink robes and wears a golden hairpiece pinned to light lavender hair. She still wears her Kyorl forehead tattoo of a diamond symbol.

Yuh'le almost has no personality save for following Snadhya'rune's orders to the letter, but she does find joy in harming small critters.

Biography - Arc II

Yuh'le is spotted by Mel'arnach on her arrival in Felde, killing fish on the shoreline with her high sorcery. Mel'arnach comments that Yuh'le is rather odd, but a friend of sorts along with all the other students Snadhya'rune taught in Mel's younger years (including Sal'bara , Elham, and Tanavya). Yuh'le's main task is to watch for intruders and report to her mistress; her first encounter was with Sara'hilana Balvhakara who had just thrown her comrade Ynda over the ledge. In typical Yuh'le fashion the drowussu appeared to not care, even going so far as to answer Sara's question about the purpose of the platform they stood on. From that position, Yuh'le spots Ran'diirk Xyrrai'zestu Sharen and determines that his appearance spells trouble for the party.

Outside of Moonless Age

Yuh'le features prominently in the daydream story, Mel X Snadhya'rune Origin[1], as a favorite Orthorbbae student of Snadhya'rune.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 46.


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