Zan'nah Sarghress

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Appeared in chapters                                         40                   

Zan'nah Sarghress
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Zan'nah Sarghress
Race: Mixblood
Sponsored by: Tsuris
Current Status
Sarghress Sealer
  • Blood Sorcery
  • Sealing
  • Highland Raider
  • Can't hold her alcohol

Zan'nah Sarghress is a cameo character appearing in Moonless Age that was created and designed by Tsuris.

Appearance and Personality

Zan'nah is a halfbreed female of slightly above average drowolath height with a curvaceous build, long blue-black hair and golden eyes. There is a distinctive Kyorl tattoo on her forehead.

Zan'nah is easygoing and fun-loving off duty, with a hidden masochistic side. She generally does not care too much for the Sarghress' ideology, but fights due to a feeling of camaraderie with her brothers and sisters in arms. Zan'nah rejects her drowussu ancestry and mocks the Kyorls relentlessly whenever she can. As for drugs, Zan'nah is quite fond of chocolate but has almost no tolerance for alcohol.


Zan'nah is a member of the Sarghress Home Guard serving as a sealer and mana specialist. She provided back-up to the golem pilots in the assault on four Sharen-controlled districts around Darya Lake. While helping seal the freed demons on the field, she gave friendly tips to Shala Val'Sharen. After the capture of a slaver's fortress, she was seen eating apples and relaxing with her old friend Tur'geis Am'saag Sarghress and Min'issya.

Zan'nah took part in Ariel's attempt to subvert the Sharen slave camp, and was wounded by shrapnel during the breakout. She recovered and relaxed with her old friends in the Marauders squad with a beer drinking contest, as well as receiving many drinks from Shala and the other sealers.

Later on Zan'nah joins Tur'geis' Highland Raider squad again along with Ariel and the rest. When at Ys Zan'nah purchases a blue two piece outfit that shows of a lot of her figure. Ash’arion tries flirting with her but Zan’nah rejects his advances and tries to hang out with Nuru’lara.

After several fires were started in the colony, she was with Ash’arion and they witness Shan chasing the perpetrator. She wanted to fight as well despite her drunken state and Ash’arion let her after trying to stop her when she decided to use a broken of shoe part as an improvised weapon. After the three cornered the Hermione, she spots an airship above the colony and tells the other two about it.

Outside of Moonless Age

Zan'nah first appeared in Relic Hunters as a mana specialist Highland Raider in the Marauders' squad.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.