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This beastiary will cover some of the more common creatures able to be found in the DrowTales world. More to come as time permits.


Kiri'su - "Tunnel Crawler"
Koa'naka - "Reptile Carrier"
Kon'vule - "Glow Insect"
Puff - "Hairy Insect"
Tik'tikki - "Reptile Licker"
Wa'kon - "Bug Catcher"
Demons - Beings from the netherworlds called into the three worlds to possess fae.
Driders - transformed fae, merged with beasts via traditional and artificial means.
Dawmere - donkey-like creatures with clawed feet to aid them in traversing the uneven underworld terrain. Unicorn dawmere are a symbol of the Val'Kyorl'solenurn.
Halderi - underground-dwelling bison-like creatures that the Val'Nal'sarkoth use.
Val'Illhar'dro Warbirds - giant, flightless birds that come in two varieties: orange "Arshin" that Illhar'dro soldiers use, and dark blue "Kam'shin" that the Dusk clan uses.
Dragons - mana-bearing beasts that are a staple and symbol of the Vel'Sharen and Jie'yen clans. Sharen dragons are wingless ground dwellers, whereas the Jie'yen's signature glowing dragons can fly and are found on the islands of Nuwa.