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Help:Coding and Template Cheat Sheet

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This page features a list of commonly used wiki code and templates that may be useful (or necessary) to the pages of the Orthorbbae Library. Use it to help keep pages consistent (or just to make your articles look nice).

Description You type You get
Internal link (another wiki page)
[[Baliir Vel'Vloz'ress]]

Baliir Vel'Vloz'ress

"Piped" internal link (another wiki page)
[[Baliir Vel'Vloz'ress|Baliir]]


External link (to another website)
[http://www.drowtales.com The Drowtales Main Page]

The Drowtales Main Page

Reference - standard text or link
Kau likes chocolate more than Shala.<ref>[http://www.drowtales.com/wordpress/?p=4259 DT News Post from May 14, 2012]</ref>

Kau likes chocolate more than Shala.[1]

Reference - Moonless Age page
Quain'tana said Ash'waren's ass is fat.<ref>{{ChapterRef|30|21}}</ref>

Quain'tana said Ash'waren's ass is fat.[2]

Section headings
==The fewer equal signs==
===The bigger the heading===
====Use 2 or more, Level 1 is the page title====

The fewer equal signs

The bigger the heading

Use 2 or more, Level 1 is the page title

Image thumbnails
[[File:MelSpits.png|thumb|Mel spits on Quain.]]
Mel spits on Quain.
Image thumbnail on the left
[[File:MelSpits.png|thumb|left|Mel spits on Quain.]]
Mel spits on Quain.




Bold and Italics
'''''This must be pretty important...'''''

This must be pretty important...

Page Redirects
#REDIRECT [[Quain'tana Val'Sarghress]]

Automatic redirection to Quain'tana Val'Sarghress

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.