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Referenced From: Madea, DrowWiki Contributions (forum thread)
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Welcome to the Orthorbbae Athenaeum! With the wiki going live, we've been posed with the issue of how to expand the staff without losing control of the project; this is the solution.

The forum Questions and World Setting is now going to be the place where, in addition to those individuals asking questions, the entire DT community can participate in filling out and making the DrowWiki reach its highest potential. Since everyone has different perspectives, someone might notice something that someone else missed.

To this end, every member is openly allowed to post in this forum any additions, corrections, changes, fixes, etc. that they think should go onto the Wiki. There are, however, rules and guidelines that go with this.

Teh Rules:

1. Be prepared to defend your post!
This is a no-brainer; not everything you put up here is going to just be put in. The Wiki is a vast resource that's going to get exponentially larger now that everyone can see it, and we have to deal with conflicts as they arise. Cite references and sources for your submission, because we have to challenge things that are inaccurate and verify if there's a lack of clarity on something.
2. Be polite!
This *should* be a no-brainer. Everyone is human, as much as we wish we were otherwise, and we make mistakes. Sometimes a lot of them. In the course of writing a lot of text, there are going to be errors. If you spot one, feel free to point it out, but don't be a jerk about it.
3. Be unbiased!
The Athenaeum is meant to be as unbiased as possible, and is somewhat in-character; but regardless of the perspective of the information, it *must* strive to be neutral and not opinionated.
4. Be as thorough as possible!
Do your research! If you think a new page needs to be added, then you need to propose it with the text you think needs to be there. Saying "I think you guys need to put up X page!" does not help; give us something to work with!

Teh Procedure:

1. Any threads that involve changes to the drowwiki must have "DrowWiki:" (without the quotations) in the subject line so that we know what the purpose is, followed by the Wiki page that you are proposing the change to (the main page would be Main_Page, etc.), and probably adding something at the end to let us know what kind of submission it is (Edit, Spelling, Graphic, New, etc.)
Example: DrowWiki: Main_Page (Addition)
Anything that does not have this subject line format will be considered a world setting question and disregarded for Wiki purposes.
2. Put up your post!

In addition to this board, as the project gets larger, more people will be allowed to join the Athenaeum staff and gain edit access to the wiki to help keep it updated and accurate.

I'm going to state clearly, here, that no one is going to be accepted just by turning in an application without putting in some work first. If you post some edits, new pages, and changes on this board, in accordance with the guidelines discussed above, and you produce quality work, then an application will be considered.

We have to see your commitment beforehand, so that hopefully we'll have a better idea what/how you'll do once you actually get edit access. That being said, I'll explain the application process in further detail.

Teh Application Process

Now, I'm sure there are lots of questions about becoming an Editor; this is a hefty responsibility and the reason this filter is in place is to prevent people from trashing the Wiki.

The first step of the Editor Application process is being active on this board, and by active, we mean submitting material to be added to the Wiki; new pages, edits, and observations with counter-references. If you don't post up here, then we have nothing to gauge your activity and mentality with. If you're active, and polite, and knowledgeable and all that good rot, then you're on your way.

The other requirements are more tenebrous. A solid grasp of English spelling and grammar is needed, as is a working knowledge of the Wiki codes. If you are unfamiliar with how a wiki works, then you should head over the wikipedia.org and look up the mediawiki guidelines. You should also be able to play well with others; if someone gives us nothing but trouble, even the most brilliant wiki pages aren't going to be able to help.

Another requirement is time! Taking someone onto the team means work. Of course allowances are made for life; we all have responsibilities (I'm active duty military, myself, so I have lots of things to do). But we're volunteering to do this out of our love for the project. If you don't have the time, there's nothing wrong with just providing information on the board. In fact, we appreciate those contributions just as much!

Once you think you're in a good spot to join, a short application in this thread with just some background information (how long you've been reading DT, etc.) and why you think you should be an editor will be the final step. If you have any questions, feel free to PM either Thalar or myself.

Wiki on, DT! Wiki on!

Rules of the Wiki

  • If there is a structure already in place; follow it.
  • Be prepared to have your entries edited for structure, content or other.
  • If you don't know whether it's canon or not - don't put it in.
  • In cases of multiple spelling or capitalization methods, one specific spelling has been chosen. Respect this and use the same spelling as given.
  • Check your spelling. This goes double for names. The more errors you enter the more work someone else has to do to correct it.
  • No bias. If you hate a clan or a character discuss it on the boards. Be as neutral as possible on the wiki.


Everything related to the world setting of Drowtales that have been officialy approved as canon will be put in the wiki, "the Orthorbbae Athenaeum" , otherwise known as the DrowWiki.

Madea and Thalar are the two moderators of this project.

If you wish to contribute to this project, participate in the forum!

To gain access as editor to the wiki, refer to this thread. Note that there will be a limited number of editors.