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Help:Contributors Handbook

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This area is currently under construction. Heavy changes are to be expected.

Hi there, new recruit! Welcome to the Official Drowtales Wiki. :)

Before diving into editing, there’s a few things that we’d like all contributors to keep in mind before making any major edits.


These are the basic rules governing WHAT you should write.

1. Canon is key - The golden rule for content! This is the official wiki, so all content in the main namespace must be taken from canon sources.

Sources that ARE considered canon include:
  • Moonless Age comic
  • Official side stories listed here
  • Official concept art produced by Kern
Sources that are NOT considered canon include:
  • Relic Hunters, Daydream, Path to Power, and Mel’s Knighthood
  • Forum posts
  • Podcasts
  • Cameo character descriptions that are not shown in the MA comic or official concept art
  • “But Kern said it once”

As a general rule, if you can’t supply a link to a page or news post that supports your facts, then they are not allowed on the wiki. (See: Citing Sources)
Note: Pages in the RH and DD namespaces have their own rules. See Help:Relic Hunters Guide and Help:Daydream Guide

2. Avoid bias and speculation - Try to remain as neutral as possible. We all have our theories, but please keep them off the official pages. Unless something is explicitly shown, it is not to be posted on the wiki.


  • Don’t jump to conclusions – Heavy implications are not facts!
  • Encourage edits to pages you write – We all have favorites we can’t shake – the more people editing an article the better it will be!
  • If you’d like to discuss your theories, please visit the Moonless Age forums.


These are the basic rules governing HOW you should write.

1. Use proper spelling and grammar – Someone will probably fix it if you don’t, but please don’t depend on it.

2. Use headings – Use headings to break up your walls of text. It will make it easier for readers to navigate your article. This is especially important for biographies or event timelines.

3. Quality beats quantity – the more brief you can be, the better!


Writing a wiki entry is different than writing an article on the paper. Wiki engine offers many features that help the reader navigate the wiki or help the contributors maintain it and keep it up to date. In order for these to work as designed, the contributor must be familiar with the following techniques:

1. Use the page guides – Most page types have a blank guide that you can copy and paste. Just fill in the blanks with the appropriate information. When editing existing pages, follow existing guidelines to keep the wiki organized.

3. Check out the Formatting Guide for tips on using pictures, headings, lists and other features.

4. When all else fails - search the MediaWiki wiki or e-mail Jak’iaah. :)

See Help:Templates for more information on various templates that are at your disposal.