- This wiki is very much under construction. The original wiki was set to be shut down and the wiki was largely mirrored to a Fandom-based version, though most of the reference images had not yet been copied over. This migration was put on hold when it appeared the original wiki could in fact be retained, however the old wiki was lost in its entirety when the server was among the many taken down by a massive series of cyberattacks on data centers during early February, 2023. It is now being rebuilt with the launch of Hel. Sorry if it's a little messy right now!
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This area is currently under construction. Heavy changes are to be expected.



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(If you're not on the list, feel free to add yourself and create your home page. You can use your home page for whatever you need, experimenting, managing your personal to-do list, or just letting people know who you are!)

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Start working on a new page with the proper formatting prepared for you. Just write the page title and hit the button corresponding to the page type. <inputbox> type=create preload=Template:Character/sample editintro=Template:Character/doc break=no buttonlabel=New Character page width=30 </inputbox>

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Wiki overview

The wiki currently contains a total of 53 content pages maintained by 0 active users.

Main Index
Category Description Tutorial Related Template
Moonless Age Characters (323) Pages about characters Help:Character Page {{Character}}
Location Pages (3) Pages about locations (regions/cities/landmarks/...) Help:Location Page {{Location}}
Event Pages (0) Pages about events Help:Event Page {{Event}}
Moonless Age Clans (0) Pages about clans Help:Clan Page {{Clan}}
Moonless Age Chapters (0) Pages about chapters Help:Chapter Page {{Chapter}}
Pages that need our love
Category Description Related Template
Needs love (32) Pages that need update to match the wiki page quality standard {{Unpolished}}
Outdated (21) Pages that contain severely outdated information and need to be redone/archived {{Outdated}}
Stubs (0) Pages that could be elaborated. {{Stub}}
Work in progress (208) Pages that are marked as currently undergoing changes {{Wip}}
Suggested for deletion (0) Pages that are marked as suggested for deletion {{Delete}}
Bad namespace (0) Pages that are suggested for move to a different namespace {{RH}} {{DD}}
Maintenance tasks that need to be done when a new chapter comes out
Page What needs to be done Maintainer
Template:ChapterRef Add the id of page 1 of the new chapter to the list. Embair
Template:LatestChapter Update the latest chapter number (used by {{Appears in}} template)) Embair

Project Organization

Here's the main list of stuff that needs doing. New tasks are highlighted in yellow.

If you see a job you want to work on, either edit yourself into the table or message an admin to do it for you. If you've got any questions or other ideas, contact Jak'iaah. She'll find something for you to do.

Organization Jobs
Job Tasks Links/Tools User
Flag old/incorrect pages Dig through every page you can find and tag the inappropriate ones with the needed tag(s) {{Unpolished}}, {{Outdated}}, {{Stub}}, {{Wip}}, {{Delete}} ???
Fix use of {{Appears in}} {{Appears in}} now allows for sidestories/extra arcs. Old pages need to update their tags. {{Appears in}}, list of MA sidestories/extra arcs Dalv
Relic Hunters Pages Move all RH pages to "RH:PAGE NAME" Check Characters:Visual Roleplay and Category:Scheduled for move to a different namespace Alric
Create standard page formats for players/NPCs All pages (RH namespace) Alric
Update/create content pages and guides All pages (RH namespace) Alric
Daydream Pages Move all Daydream pages to "DD:PAGE NAME" Check Characters:DayDream and Category:Scheduled for move to a different namespace ???
Update/organize/do something about DD pages All pages (DD namespace) ???

Editting Jobs
Tasks Links User
Proofreading for grammar, syntax, typo correction, etc. All pages Tsuris, Shoedrinker
Ensuring all MA content pages are factual, based in canon, and well-sourced Characters, Clans, Events, Locations, and other world setting pages Shoedrinker
Fixing formatting errors, layout problems, and pages that don't follow page guidelines Page Guidelines, all wiki pages Shoedrinker

Concept/Design Jobs
Job Tasks Links User
Chapter Pages Refine formatting guide and template Help:Chapter Page Jak'iaah
Timeline Create a helpful, up to date, master timeline of events Timeline ???

Content Jobs
Job Tasks Links User
Chapter Pages Write chapter pages and summaries Moonless Age Story ((Chapter Page Guide)) ???
Event Pages Work on list of needed events Help:Events list ???
Write event pages Help:Events list ((Event Page Guide)) ???
Location Pages Write/update location pages Locations, Category:Stubs ((Location Page Guide)) ???
Character Pages Write/update character pages Category:Stubs ((Character Page Guide)) ???
High Sorcery List of known sorceries and what they can do High Sorcery Jak'iaah