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To help maintain consistency and simplify some tasks, a number of Templates are used across the wiki. This page provides an overview of all templates currently in use.

A complete list of all templates currently defined on this wiki can be found here.

Content type markers

These templates are used to categorize what kind of content the page contains. They automatically place the page in the corresponding category (or categories).

Currently the following content type markers are used:

  • {{Clan}} - for pages about Moonless Age clans; example of usage here
  • {{Character}} - for pages about Moonless Age characters; example of usage here
  • {{Location}} - for pages about Moonless Age locations (regions, cities, landmarks); example of usage here

Auto content

These templates transform into some kind of standard text/disclaimer/content:


These templates are used to aid wiki administration

  • {{Wip}} - marks a page or a paragraph as work in progress.
  • {{Stub}} - marks a page as a Stub (article with little to no content)
  • {{Outdated}} - marks the page as outdated; to be used on pages where the outdated information could severely mislead the reader
  • {{Unpolished}} - marks the page as needing a revamp; to be used on pages which no longer match the established guidelines / page templates
  • {{Unverified}} - marks the page as unconfirmed canon; use sparingly for reference purposes only.
  • {{Delete}} - marks the page as recommended for deletion by an administrator.