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Nuqrah'shareh, the Jewel of the West, is a peaceful city in the southwestern portion of the Underworld and is the Val'Illhar'dro seat of power. The Jie'yen and Balvhakara are two vassal clans serve the Illhar'dro; along with the politically neutral Dusk, these three stake their claim in the city as well. Compared to the likes of Chel'el'Sussoloth and the old fashioned Mimaneid, Nuqrah'shareh is known as the most progressive city in the underworld, in architecture, warfare, clothing, ideology, etc.


The main bulk of the city rests on several islands, divided by northern and southern districts, and is separated by a river running through majority of the districts. It is clear that this river is the lifeline of the city, as Nuqrah defenses focus developing technology for combat in water, and emphasis is placed on regulating fishing in the common areas. Canals have been constructed that cut through districts for easier travel through the city; boating is an especially common form of travel, although there are many bridges crossing major waterways.

The cavern Nuqrah'shareh is situated in has rifts in the ceiling that allows sunlight and waterfalls to pour into the area, creating a dimly lit, misty atmosphere. Plants, both mana and otherwise, grown in abundance in the richer neighborhoods of the city. There are several lifts in the cavern that lead to the surface, although most were damaged by the war. Nuqrah'shareh is also the nerve center for the Val'Illhar'dro's many surface colonies, allowing growth & access for a young population of colony-born dokkalfar.

The map of Nuqrah'shareh.


The people are traders, their origins being from the same dark elven nation that created the nomadic Siyah-khorshed, known to be raiders; two sides of the same coin. Nuqrah'shareh is a city more docile than most with the peaceful Illhar'dro ruling it with economical power rather than military. They hold so many outposts that they can remain competitive in the world market. Every major settlement has an Ill'hardro outpost, including Val'Raveran which they managed to take over economically due to it's proximity. The great fortress within the city is named Quasreh Nuqrah. [1]

Illhar'dro siege golems, the clan's Whispering Towers and Illhar'dro's signature giant bird mounts are unique to the clan, and can be found nearly everywhere in the city. It is suggested that the people of Nuqrah'shareh gained their lighter skin tones (normal Drow tones are dark brown) because of these rifts in the ceiling. But it also may mean that because Nuqrah'shareh is further away from the source of Mist, its hair- and skin-altering properties do not affect Nuqrah'sharians as much as those closer to the Mist Sea. There is a local language known as Old Nuqrah'sharian, sometimes used when secrecy is called for. While the expansive Illhar'dro empire is of one clan, Nuqrahns particularly tend to class themselves apart from Illhar'dro born in foreign lands, and this sometimes leads to conflict and internal tensions [2]. There is a colloquial belief that Illhar'dro born outside of the city think and act differently from those born in the homeland, and paired with the general Nuqrahn dislike for foreigners, a foreign-born Illhar'dro's loyalty to Nuqrah'shareh could be put in question. [3]

During the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, the city nearly collapsed from within by rioting and foreign mercenaries doing battle while a coup occurred between Balsii Val'Illhar'dro and Nega'fanea Val'Illhar'dro. The once beautiful city is now trashed by rioting commoners, islands are littered with corpses and, there is now a demonic threat the Dusk are handling, and several buildings were destroyed. The damage done to the lifts leading to the Overworld were an attempt to stop foreign enemies from stealing an ancient airship the Illhar'dro have revived, but one has since been repaired.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 39.