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Usage example:

 | name =
 | section =
 | image =
 | imagecaption =
 | aura =
 | subrace_of =
 | subraces =
 | regions = 

A template for use on Race Pages. It creates the infobox seen on the right of each page.

Essential arguments:

  • name - This should generally be left blank to default to the page name.
  • section - The sub-setting of the comic/s to which the race belongs, such as Helian or Underworld.
  • image - An image showing an example of the race. This should have a 1:1 aspect ratio and will be sized to 200 x 200 pixels. <gallery></gallery> around multiple images will allow a gallery mode.

Please use the format of Exemplar_RACENAME.png for the primary reference image.

  • imagecaption - Sets a caption for the image used.
  • aura - Yes/No field that determines if it will be placed into the category of fae or non-fae races.
  • regions - Locations in which the members of the race resides.

Optional arguments:

  • subrace of - If the race is a sub-grouping of another race, such as Vel'akar & Ver'aku being sub-types of Demon.
  • subraces - A place to link to sub-race pages, similar to the above.