- This wiki is very much under construction. The original wiki was set to be shut down and the wiki was largely mirrored to a Fandom-based version, though most of the reference images had not yet been copied over. This migration was put on hold when it appeared the original wiki could in fact be retained, however the old wiki was lost in its entirety when the server was among the many taken down by a massive series of cyberattacks on data centers during early February, 2023. It is now being rebuilt with the launch of Hel. Sorry if it's a little messy right now!
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Heya. I'm Thrair. A fellow schmuck what reads Moonless Age, Hel, and other web stories by Studio Drowtales. I mainly made this page so my edits would stop showing up with my name as a red link. I'm just OCD enough for that to irritate the crap outta me.

Anyways, I meander a bit when updating the wiki in general. And this has only become more true since the old wiki got wrecked by hackers (screw those guys, btw). Any rate, if ya see anything that needs to be corrected or have any questions for me, feel to reach out on the Drowtales Discord. I use the same name over there. :)

Current Priorities

  • Rebuilding the Wiki
  • Updating it for Hel
  • Cursing the Ransomware &#%$ers who did the mass attack on data centers in 2023.

My Cameos

Al'tesh Vel'Sharen

Crossbow Lady -- (To return as a cameo.)

Mablevi Sarghress -- (To return as a cameo.)